ProFile Hard Drive: Specifications (Discontinued)

ProFile Hard Drive: Specifications (Discontinued)

Model A9M0005 5 Megabyte (Discontinued)
A9M0100 10 Megabyte (Discontinued)

I. Technical Specifications

1. Data Storage Characteristics:

                           A9M0100      A9M0005

Data Capacity (formatted)
  in megabytes:                 10            5
Data Surfaces:                   4            4
Heads per Surface:               1            1
Track Spacing per inch:        345          254
Tracks per Surface:            306          152
Sectors per Track:              16           16
Sectors per Surface:          4896         2432
Block Size
  in bytes:                    512          512
5.25" Floppy Equivalence:       70           35

2. Drive Characteristics:

Average Seek Time
  in milliseconds:              85          180
Data Transfer Rate
  in megabits/sec:               5            5
Rotational Start-up Time
  in seconds:                   20           20
Drive Ready to Operate
  in seconds:                  120           60
Rotational Speed
  in RPMs +/- 1%:             3600         3600
Mean Time Between Failure:
  in hours:                 10,000       10,000

--Winchester technology

3. Interface:

a. Type: 8-bit parallel
b. Connector: DB-25
c. Drives per Interface: 1

4. Power Requirements:

a. U.S.: 110 VAC, 35 Watts
b. Europe: 230 VAC
c. Drive power source internal to the ProFile.

5. Environmental Requirements

a. Temperature
   --Operating: 50 to 104 degrees F (10 to 40 degrees C)
   --Storage: -7.6 to 176 degrees F (-22 to 80 degrees C)
b. Humidity
   --Operating: 20 to 80% noncondensing.
   --Storage: 1 to 95%

6. Physical Characteristics

                            inches  centimeters
Height:                       4.39        11.15
Width:                       17.28        43.89
Depth:                        8.81        22.38

                            pounds    kilograms
Weight:                         11            5

II. Package

With the 5 Megabyte or 10 Megabyte ProFile package:
1. Apple ProFile hard-disk drive
2. Apple ProFile Accessory Kit including:
   a. ProFile interface cable
   b. System-specific ProFile owner's manual
   c. Warranty and product registration
   d. User Input Report
3. Included in the Apple II Accessory Kit:
   a. Catalyst II software
   b. Apple II SOS Driver and Utilities software
   c. Backup II software
   d. Apple II ProFile Interface Card
4. Included in the Apple III Accessory Kit:
   a. Catalyst 2.0 software
   b. Pascal ProFile Manager software
   c. Backup III software
   d. Apple III ProFile Interface Card

III. System Configuration

--Either ProFile may be used the following Apple personal computers:

1. IIe
   a. RAM: Minimum of 64 kilobytes
   b. Operating System: ProDOS Pascal 1.2
   c. Interface Cards:
   -- The difference bewteen the 5Mb and 10Mb ProFile
      Interface cards is the ROM at location C6. The ROM is
      341-0271 for the 5Mb Card and 341-0299-B for the 10 Mb.

2. Apple III

3. Macintosh XL

NOTE: The Macintosh XL containing a built-in 10-megabyte hard disk requires a
Parallel Interface Card (Order A6BB101, obsolete).


Controller automatically scans for error conditions, relocating marginal data
blocks elsewhere on the hard disk, if necessary.