ProFile: Formatting Compatibility (10/94)

ProFile: Formatting Compatibility (10/94)

For what operating systems is the Apple ProFile compatible?
ProFiles can be formatted for two main types of operating systems:
  1. the Lisa Operating System for the Lisa 

  2. ProDOS for the Apple II, and SOS for the Apple III.
ProFiles are formatted at the factory with the Apple III SOS format and contain the Apple III System Utilities program.  This format is completely compatible with the Apple II ProDOS format, and so can be used on either the Apple II or Apple III; additionally, these ProFiles can be used without difficulty on the Macintosh XL (running Lisa or Macintosh software). 

Once a ProFile has been formatted by Lisa software, it will not be able to work any longer on an Apple II or III.
ProFiles don't need any special software to function with these systems other than the respective system formatters which accompany each system's operating system utilities, regardless of what system it was used on previously.

1. The Pascal ProFile Manager will not format a ProFile; the ProFile must 
   already be formatted with ProDOS.
2. If you're unable to initialize a Profile for use with an Apple II or 
   Apple III after it's been used with a Macintosh XL, check with a Level 
   II service center: the ProFile may need reformatting.

Article Change History:
18 Oct 1994 - Reviewed for technical accuracy, revised formatting.

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