Apple III and ProFile: Running Them on an Inverter (10/94)

Apple III and ProFile: Running Them on an Inverter (10/94)

Can I run my Apple /// and ProFile on an inverter?
The Apple III and ProFile may both be run on an inverter that produces either a square or a sinusoidal wave.
The Apple III itself works on an inverter without any problems, as long as the inverter has sufficient current capacity. The Apple III has a switching power supply and will therefore tolerate power fluctuations and line noise without any trouble, as long as it's receiving a minimum of 95 volts.
The ProFile, on the other hand, is somewhat more sensetive to power flucuations and line noise. If you use your ProFile with an inverter that produces a square wave, take care that:

1. Make sure that the inverter can supply at least 8 amps, since 5 amps is 
   the minimum power required to start up the ProFile.

2. If you wish to use square-wave power, which is by nature quite noisy, 
   use a noise suppression kit so that no unnecessary noise reaches the 
   ProFile power supply and prevents the ProFile from coming Ready. Your 
   noise suppressor must have a minimum capacity of 10 amps.

You can avoid the necessity of noise suppressors by running your ProFile on DC power if you wish. To do so, however, you will need to regulate the +12V from a car battery, as well as generate and  regulate +5V and -12V.

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18 Oct 1994 - Reviewed for technical accuracy, revised formatting.

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