ACCESS III: Moving to the Hard disk

ACCESS III: Moving to the Hard disk

You may move ACCESS III (Apple) to the hard disk. This will allow you to access it with greater ease than using floppy diskettes. Parts of this installation procedure require a limited knowledge of the BASIC language.

1) Boot the CATALYST disk (If you haven't already).
2) From the main CATALYST menu, select the System Utilities Program.
3) Press "F" for File Handling Commands.
4) Press "M" for Make a New Subdirectory.
6) Press RETURN to accept the default size of 25 files.
7) Press ESCAPE.
8) Put the PROGRAM diskette in the internal drive.
9) Press "C" to Copy files.
10) Copy all files on your PROGRAM diskette except for the following: SOS.KERNEL  SOS.DRIVER  SOS.INTERP  SYSTEM.MISCINFO
11) To do this, type ".D1/" and press the up arrow key.
12) A list of files are displayed in a box. The up and down arrow keys allow you to move an inverse bar over the name of your choice. Pressing the right arrow key marks the file so as to include it in the copy process. Mark all files to be copied in this way. When all files are marked press RETURN.
13) Enter ".PROFILE/CATALYST/APPLCOM/=" as the name of the destination file.
14) When all files have been copied, press ESCAPE.


1) Enter the number for CATALYST EDIT.
2) Enter "1" to add an entry to the menu.
3) Enter the number of the menu entry you want ACCESS III to precede.
4) You will be asked for the display name of this program. Enter "ACCESS III".
5) Enter CATALYST/BASIC for the interpreter path name.
6) Press RETURN for the character set pathname.
7) Press RETURN for standard character set.
8) Press RETURN again to use the default keyboard.
9) Enter ".PROFILE/CATALYST" as the default prefix.
10) Enter "3" for the "Max files allowed..." question. It is suggested that the QUIT option  be used to exit to BASIC then use the double apple escape to exit to the CATALYST main menu.
11) Enter ".PROFILE/CATALYST/APPLCOM,ACCESS3" when you are asked for the program path.(This will give you a BAD PATH error but ignore it).
12) You will be asked if this entry is correct. If it is, enter "Y", or just press RETURN. You will be allowed to insert another entry. Since you do not want to do this, enter "0" to exit to the main menu.
13) Enter "7" to update the INTERPS file. When you are asked if you want to recalculate the load address, enter "N".
14) Exit to the CATALYST main menu by entering "0".


To complete the installation of ACCESS III you must modify the short Basic program "ACCESS3" which is located on the PROGRAM diskette. To do this you must have access to Apple Business Basic or a program that BASIC can be invoked from.

1) Boot Apple Business Basic.
3) List "ACCESS3".
4) Delete lines 10 and 15.
6) Add line 25 "PREFIX$= ".PROFILE/CATALYST"".
7) Delete line 40.

Now ACCESS III is completely configured for CATALYST.

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