Apple III: System Failure Errors

Apple III: System Failure Errors

The following table attempts to explain the numbers that are displayed ollowing a SYSTEM FAILURE.
A system failure is generally a hardware problem. Try recreating the same error with
the same software on another Apple III to confirm if it is software or hardware that is 
causing the failure.

Copying certain protected diskettes will cause an error $06 when the copy is booted. This 
is a normal effect of the protection scheme.

$01     BADBRK       Break instruction from within SOS
$02     BADINT1      Interrupting device not found
$03     BADINT2      Bad zero page allocation
$04     NMIHANG      Unable to lock NMI
$05     EVQOVFL      Event queue overflow
$06     STKOVFL      6502 stack overflow
$07     BADSYSCALL   DMGR detected invalid request code
$08     MCTOVFLOW    DMGR - too many device handlers
$09     MEM2SML      Memory size less than 64K
$0A     VCBERR       BFMGR - volume control block not useable
$0B     FCBERR       File control block crashed
$0C     ALCERR       Allocation blocks invalid
$0D     DIRERR       Directory is not correct
$0E     TOOLONG      Pathname buffer overflow
$0F     BADUFNUM     Invalid buffer number
$010    BADBUFSIZ    Invalid buffer size (=0 or >16K)

BFMGR   Block file manager
DMGR    Device Manager