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DISK ID: APPLE-3-WAP-ACT-01 EASy Accouting System

WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYAPPLE-3-WAP-ACT-01:  EASy Accouting SystemThe EASy Executive Accounting System was first released by the Denver SoftwareCompany for the Apple /// in 1982.  The company managed to exist through 1986before disappearing from the scene.  The WAP /// SIG has placed this program into the Public Domain as a serviceto our members. THE PROGRAMSThe EASy Executive Accounting System is on the following disks:APPLE-3-WAP-act-01a.dsk SIDE ONE: [Catalog] EASy InformationAPPLE-3-WAP-act-01b.dsk SIDE TWO: [Catalog] EASy Startup (self-booting)APPLE-3-WAP-act-02a.dsk SIDE ONE: [Catalog] EASy System DiskAPPLE-3-WAP-act-02b.dsk SIDE TWO: [Catalog] EASy AR (Accounts Receivable)APPLE-3-WAP-act-03a.dsk SIDE ONE: [Catalog] EASy AP (Accounts Payable)APPLE-3-WAP-act-03b.dsk SIDE TWO: [Catalog] EASy GL (General Ledger)OVERVIEWEASy is a business software system designed to aid you in the bookkeeping andaccounting needed to make your business run as efficiently as possible. Software means a set of instructions for your computer, and this softwaresystem is an easy-to-use package tht allows you to record transactionswithout having to know anything about computer programming and with onlyminimal knowledge of accounting.In function, EASy is comparable to many far more elaborate systems, and youcan upgrade the Executive Accounting System (EAS)as the needs of yourbusiness grow.  No programming skills are necessary to use the EAS since itprovides you with lists of selections, or menus, from which you choose, andinstructs you in using the system by means of screen messages.  It evenprovides definitions of certain important accounting terms.  It also allowsbookkeeping functions and information to be kept for more than one company bymaintaining separate disks for the accounts payable ledger, the accountsreceivable ledger, the general ledger, and the SYSTEM disk (this last diskalso includes information about company name, address and finance policy).The EAS makes bookkeeping almost enjoyable.  It should certainly help youappreciate the capabilities of your computer.  * THE EASy EXECUTIVE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM MANUAL IS IN THE WAP LIBRARY.

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