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APPLE-3-WAP-wap-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini: Disk 01DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-01BOOTABLE? Side OneThis disk includes all the back articles by WAP /// SIG Co-Chairman DaveOttalini, written in 1985 and 1986.On Side One under the "WAP.1985" Subdirectory:AIM.UPDATE       :Update on Assoc. of Indep. Microdealer's software sale.DISPOSAL.SALE    :Another article on AIM.OAGAZETTE        :Bibliography of an early Apple /// magazine.ON3              :Bibliography of On /// Magazine from 1980-1984.SOFTALK          :Bibliography of Apple /// articles in Softalk Magazine.THREE.FOR.ME     :Another article on AIM and what they were offering.THREE.MAGAZINES  :Bibliography of The Three Newsletter and Magazine.On Side Two under the subdirectory "WAP.1985":A3.BOOKGUIDE     :Apple /// books.APPLE.NEWS       :Apple /// programs into the PD; Titan ///+//e cards.BASIC.ARTICLE    :Searching the magazines for Business Basic articles.DEMO.PROGRAMS    :Some fun things to do with the Apple /// Demo Program.NEWSLETTER.BIB   :/// Newsletter bibliography.On Side Two under the subdirectory "WAP.1986":A3.DRIVERS       :Latest version numbers of Apple /// drivers.BEST.PT.2        :Part 2 of article about the best of everything for the ///.CLUBS            :Discusses existing Apple /// clubs.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR   :Looking back at 1985 and forward to 1986.NEWS.JUNE86      :WAP library and new PD offerings.OCTOBER.TRAIL    :Column title, /// SIG on the WAP BBS.PGM.VERSIONS     :What are the latest Apple /// program versions?SELECTOR         :Discussion of this hard disk switching utility.THE.BEST.IN.86   :Best Apple /// products.UNCOPY.REVIEW    :Review of On Three's Uncopyprotect Driver.WAP.BIBLIO       :Bibliography of Apple /// articles in the WAP Journal.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini: Disk 02DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-02BOOTABLE? Side One The second in our series of disks containing the articleswritten by the WAP /// SIG Co-Chairman Dave Ottalini. Articles onthis disk are from 1987 primarily.On Side One under the "Articles.1987" subdirectory you'll find:APLUS.ARTICLE    :Article about the Apple ///.DEMO.PROGRAMS    :Taking apart the Apple /// demo program.DRIVER.VERSIONS  :Latest versions of Apple /// drivers.KIDWORD.3        :A word processing program for the little folks.PGM.VERSIONS     :Latest versions of Apple /// programs.On Side Two, under the "Articles.1987" subdirectory:BIB.3MAG.86       :Bibliography of the /// Magazine for 1986.BIB.3NEWSLTTR     :Bibliography of the /// NewsletterNEW.MEMBER.DISK   :What's on the new member disk.WAP.01JANUARY     :Sourceware products, Forth for the ///; SOS update.WAP.02FEBRUARY    :New Co-Chairman; Phase /// Update; Al Bloom joins WAP.WAP.03MARCH       :/// EZPs upgrade; Business Basic on the GS.WAP.05MAY         :3EZP Upgrade Dies; On Three News; Meeting and SIG notes.WAP.06JUNE        :Trouble shooting; Titan Card problems; File Compression.WAP.07JULY        :/// SIG Moves; Tip of the Month; Go Forth; ThreeWorks.WAP.09SEPTEMBER   :Farewell to Richard Rowell; News from Sun Systems.WAP.10OCTOBER     :Phase /// preview; Profile for the office; New PD disks.WAP.11NOVEMBER    :Phase /// highlights and lowlights; New GS                   Basic;Hypercard.WAP.12DECEMBER    :A look back at the year.  Music on the ///.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini: Disk 03Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-03BOOTABLE? Side OneThe third in a series of disks containing the articles of the WAP /// SIGCo-Chairman Dave Ottalini and other selected authors.  Articles on this diskare from 1988.One Side One:ANDERSON   :The Legacy of Daryl Anderson (placed pgms into the PD)GSBASIC.1  :Taylor Pohlman on GS BasicGSBASIC.2  :Taylor Pohlman on GS BasicON.3.BIB   :Bibliography of On Three for 1987.TAU.PD.CON :Article detailing WPL program used for PD development.DESCRIPTION: On Side Two:WAP.01JANUARY   :New products discussed: SOS Driver Optimizer & Graphicscrd.WAP.02FEBRUARY  :New PD disks discussed; Future disks;WPL pgm "PD.CON".WAP.03MARCH     :D.A. Datasystems puts programs into the public domain.WAP.04APRIL     :Has Frank Moore Returned?; More news from Lt. Sykora.WAP.05MAY       :More Public Domain Disks; /// SIG's New Helper.WAP.06JUNE      :ThreeWorks update; Apple /// News.WAP.07JULY      :Sykora Software Update; On Three News; Sun Remarketing.WAP.08AUGUST    :Menu.Maker Continued; Menu.Maker Take Two; New PD Disk.WAP.09SEPTEMBER :More On Three News; Sykora Software; July SIG Meeting.WAP.10OCTOBER   :Apple /// News; Another Graphics Board; Music MIDI Driver.WAP.11NOVEMBER  :Where Do I Find Parts For My Apple ///?WAP.12DECEMBER  :History of the WAP /// SIG; /// SIG Christmas List.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini: Disk 04Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-04BOOTABLE? Side OneThe fourth in a series of disks containing the articles ofthe WAP /// SIG Co-Chairman Dave Ottalini and other authors.  Articles on this disk are from 1989.On Side One:WAP.TCS        :Using the WAP TCS.WAP01.JANUARY  :Happy New Year; Robert Lissner on 3EZ Pieces.WAP02.FEBRUARY :Reprint of January with comments on WAP 10th Anniversary.WAP03.MARCH    :Telecommunications News; TerminALL operation; On Three.WAP04.APRIL    :Spring Maintenance tips; On Three News; PD Disks.On Side Two:BUYERS.GUIDE    :Bargains for Apple ///ers in hardware and software.EZP.HISTORY     :A history of 3 EZ Pieces, an integrated Apple /// program.INFO.PART2      :More on finding Apple /// information.NEW.LINE        :"Apple Announces New Micro Line."PARTS           :Finding parts for the Apple ///.WAP.PD.XMAS     :Best Public Domain disks for the holidays.WAP05.MAY       :A Visit to On Three; Apple Users Group International.WAP06.JUNE      :Pascal Menu.Maker; Other PD disks; Desktop Publishing on                 the ///.WAP07.JULY      :The Lisa Shop; On Three discontinues 800 number & BBS dies.WAP08.AUGUST    :New ThreeWorks update; PD disks.WAP09.SEPTEMBER :Telecom Month at the WAP /// SIG; Bob Consorti moves.WAP10.OCTOBER   :ThreeWorks update; Parallel Printers; Publish It!2 pbms.WAP11.NOVEMBER  :PD Offerings; Kudos and Comments; Power Supplies.WAP12.DECEMBER  :A look back at 1989 and a look forward to 1990.  On Three                 news.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini: Disk 05Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-05BOOTABLE? Side OneThis disk contains all of Dave Ottalini's "On The TrailOf the Apple Three" columns written for the WAP Journal in 1990. On Side One: WAP01.JANUARY   :The year ahead; Repairs; Color Monitors for the ///. WAP02.FEBRUARY  :More on Repairs; Joe Dobrowolski; Prodigy commentary. WAP03.MARCH     :WAP 10 year anniversary; National Apple Users Conference.:On Side Two: DISKS01.JAN     :January Public Domain Disks. DISKS02.FEB     :February Public Domain Disks. DISKS03.MARCH   :March Public Domain Disks. DISKS04.APRIL   :April Public Domain Disks. DISKS06.JUNE    :June Public Domain Disks. DISKS07.JULY    :July Public Domain Disks. DISKS08.AUGUST  :August Public Domain Disks. COLOR.MONITORS  :Color monitors and the Apple ///. DTP             :Desk Top Publishing in Emulation Mode. ON.THREE.BIB    :On Three Bibliography for 1989. RGB.JULY        :A new RGB circuit for the /// (by D.D. Meisel) WAP04.APRIL     :24 pin printers; Keyboards. WAP05.MAY       :Happy Birthday SARA!; On Three moves; ThreeWorks update. WAP06.JUNE      :How to be a power user on the ///; Dealing with Sticky                  Keys. WAP07.JULY      :SIG survey results; Titan ///+//e update. WAP08.AUGUST    :100th PD disk; Apple /// Donation Program; Mentor                  Program. WAP09.SEPTEMBER :More on the Mentor program; IIGIF; Apple /// to Mac. WAP10.OCTOBER   :SCSI on the ///; On Three News; Pair Software News. WAP11.NOVEMBER  :CD ROM Drives; On Three News; Donation program. WAP12.DECEMBER  :Disk Drive Maintenance; End of the Year; PD disks.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-06a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-06b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of Ottalini #6Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-06               BOOTABLE?: Bootable              DESCRIPTION: This is the 1991 version of the Best of Ottalini, all the articles published by the WAP /// SIG's Co-Chairman for 1991.  Some additional articles are also included from other authors. On Side One: TRAIL.JANUARY    : Some Nice Words; A+/Incider; Dobrowolski News TRAIL.FEBRUARY   : Apple /// emulation on the Mac; February Disks TRAIL.MARCH      : On Three; Printer Questions; Disk Library TRAIL.APRIL      : ///+//e Cards; Apple ///ers Unanimous; EASY Accounting TRAIL.MAY        : Meetings; PD Disks; Directory Damage TRAIL.JUNE       : A3 Donations; Jim Jutzin; On ThreeOn Side Two: TRAIL.JULY       : GoBack ///; Budget Time; PD Library TRAIL.SEPTEMBER  : Sun Remarketing; Paul Campbell; On Three TRAIL.OCTOBER    : Disk Drive Speed; New BBS; 256K Upgrade TRAIL.NOVEMBER   : Bob Consorti; TCS; Mail TRAIL.DECEMBER   : Holiday Gifts; Other Clubs; PD Library PD.DISKS (Subdirectory) -AUG.DISKS -SEPT.DISKS -OCT.DISKS -NOV.DISKS OTHER.ARTICLES (Subdirectory): -CAMPBELL.1     :Cooling the Jets on your Hot Apple /// -CAMPBELL.2     :The Apple ///: Death Bed or New Found Life -COLLECT        :How to buy and collect old computers By Tim Swenson -TESSELL.MACROS :Using DTM Macros -DTM.REVIEW     :Review of the //GS version of DTM - Author Unknown.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-07a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-07b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: The Best of Ottalini Disk 07DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-07  Bootable? Side One                This PD Disk is another in our series of disks that include allthe articles written by /// SIG Co-Chair Dave Ottalini. In this case,for the year 1992.  This disk is self-booting and includes a program("Print.All") that will print all the text files for you back to back.Or you can use Menu.Maker to print the specific file you are reading.        See also disk APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-08 "The Best of Ottalini Plus!" for morearticles on disk from Ottalini as well as other authors printed in the WAP Journal in 1992.On Side One:Articles.1992 (subdirectory)- Trail.January    :   SARA and the GS; Why SOS?; Orphan Software; Paul                       Campbell News; How Do I - get a volume ID using                       AppleWriter; - deal with thermal intermittants.- Trail.February   :   New Members; Paul Campbell News; French and                        AppleWriter; Great Deals; Converting /// files                       to the Mac.On Side Two:Articles.1992 (subdirectory)- Trail.March      :   /// SIG Meting; Titan Sale Continues; Graphics;                       Annie's Craft in Japan; ATUNC News; Appreciation.- Trail.April      :   Sources for A3 Repairs; ATUNC Disks; Price Watch- Trail.May        :   Titan Information on Disk; Titan Card Problems;                       Menu.Maker Upgrade.- Trail.June       :   SARA lives in Cupertino; On Three update; Detroit                       Update; Japan Update; 24 Pin Printers and the ///;                       A3 Repairs.- Trail.July       :   Apple Book Review and the ///; Desktop Manager Tip;                       Parallel Cable Problems; Download Problems;                       Titan Report; More Repair Sources; AppleWriter                       Tip; Modem Eliminators on the ///.- Trail.August     :   On Three News; Test Your ///; Dr. Bloom Upgrades                       SIGN; Disk Notes.- Trail.September  :   Lisa Shop Update; On Three's New Products - Backup ///                       and GoBack; New Font from Paul Campbell; Parallel                        Cables; ATUNC News; Networking on the ///.- Trail.October    :   SuperDrive Project; GoBack News; On Three's Universal                       800K Driver and the CPS drive; New SIGN program; ///                       Users.- Trail.November   :   PD Disks Update; Transfering Files; Superdrive Project                       Update; Steve Truax Hits the Jackpot; 512K Upgrades;                       Paul Campbell and SARA Upgrades.- Trail.December   :   Apple /// Systems; PD Rumblings; Communications                        Manager and 14,400 BPS Modems; Seth Mize in Boston;                       Apple /// Benchmarks; Macs, Apple ///s and                        Imagewriters; TCS Musings.


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-08a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-08b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: THE BEST OF OTTALINI PLUS!DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-08  BOOTABLE? Side OneDisk APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-08 is the second of 1992's "Best of Ottalini" disks.  There was somuch material available IN 1992, that we were able to fill a second 5.25"disk for you.  On Side One you'll find all the articles about our PD offerings under the "PD.DISKS" Subdirectory (or Folder if you like):JANUARY.PDFEBRUARY.PDAPRIL.PDMAY.PDJULY.PDSEPTEMBER.PDDECEMBER.PDOn side two are articles from our good friends Paul Campbell, Tom Linders andJohn Lomartire.  There's the Apple /// graphic Rick Gast pulled from one ofthe DOS 3.3 Apple /// Diagnostics disks. C.M.Davidson adds his upgrade to ourPascal Menu Maker program.  And rounding things out - my two articlescomparing prices of various Apple family computers:      BATCH                 :Batch printing on the Apple ///CAMBPELL.LASERS       :LaserJets and legal terms: The Apple /// at work.CAMPBELL.MARCH        :Should you make the switch (to MS-DOS?)DAVIDSON              :Updating the Pascal Menu.Maker Program DAVIDSON.DEC          :The Apple /// System of C.M.DavidsonDDS.APPLES            :On Disk Drives and ApplesDRIVER.CONFIG         :Dealing with Driver Space LimitationsDVORAK                :An Open Letter to John Dvorak LINDERS               :Apple Hardware LubricationLOMARTIRE             :Designer Disks for the Apple ///LOMARTIRE.2           :Some Tricks of the Trade: Wordprocessing with a                       SpreadsheetNEW.ADVENTURES        :New Sara Adventures with Paul Campbell SOS.MSDOS             :SOS Vs. MSDOSSTEMWRITER            :A review of StemwriterSTYLEWRITER           :The Apple Stylewriter and the /// SYS.CONFIG            :The Apple /// System Configuration ProgramSYS.UTILS             :Little Known Utilities for the System UtilitiesA3.SCREEN.TEST        :Apple /// FOTOfilePRICES                -MAY.PRICES          : May Apple // family price comparisons -JULY.PRICES         : July Apple // family price comparisons


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-09a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-09b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: The Best Of Ottalini - Disk 8Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-09BOOTABLE?: BootableDESCRIPTION: This is the 1993 edition of WAP /// SIG Co-Chair DaveOttalini's articles from the WAP Journal. Also includes articles fromother authors and information about PD library additions.On Side OneTRAIL.JANUARY   : Superdrive Driver; Future Apple /// ProjectsTRAIL.FEBRUARY  : Software Development Fund; Paul Campbell; John Lomartire   TRAIL.MARCH     : Software Development Fund; Printer ProblemsTRAIL.APRIL     : Software Development Fund; Lost Classics ProjectEXTRAS (subdirectory)PARALLEL.PS     : Parallel Printers and the /// by Bob SambolinOn Side TwoTRAIL.MAY      :  Software Development Fund; Apple /// InformationTRAIL.JUNE     :  Software Development Fund; Video Problems; File TransfersTRAIL.JULY     :  Thees Company BBS; Software Development Fund; ATUNCTRAIL.AUGUST   :  Software Development Fund; Threes Company BBS; Titan                  SupportTRAIL.SEPTEMBER:  Threes Company - WAP; Software Development Fund; ASCIDIFTRAIL.OCTOBER  :  BOS3; Meeting News; Internet NewsTRAIL.NOVEMBER :  (Updated version of October)TRAIL.DECEMBER :  BOS3 Now On Sale!; Honor Roll; Apple /// ForeverPD.LIBRARY (subdirectory) PD.FEBRUARY PD.MARCH PD.APRIL PD.MAY PD.JUNEEXTRAS  (subdirectory)PROFILE.LL       : Low Level Format on the ///MICRO.COURIER    : Tips on how to use this program by Earl BreljeTIPS             : Miscellaneous /// Tips by Johnson and BayaFIRST.COMPUTER   : Experiences of a First Computer User by Bob SambolinAPPLE.dskS        : A3 to MS DOS Transfers by John LomartireTWO.ALIVE        : An open letter to Two Alive Magainze about the ///


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-10a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-10b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME:  BEST OF OTTALINI #9DISK ID :  APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-10BOOTABLE?  SIDE ONE ONLY  Here's the 1994 version of our Best of Ottalini disk - including all ofDave's 1994 Trail Columns and PD Library articles.  Also included, a numberof other articles by /// SIGers.  Enjoy!SIDE ONETRAIL.COLUMNS (SUBDIRECTORY)            TRAIL.JANUARY  : BOS3; TCS; Paul Campbell News TRAIL.FEBRUARY : Garage Sale; DAR TRAIL.APRIL    : SIG Meeting; DARing Along TRAIL.MAY      : ///ers From The Past; Detroit Doings; Word JugglerPD.LIBRARY  (SUBDIRECTORY)            JANUARY         MAY            Side TwoTRAIL.COLUMNS (SUBDIRECTRY)             TRAIL.JULY      : Apple /// emulation on a MAC; Software Development Fund TRAIL.SEPTEMBER : A visitor from Japan; Com Manager Update; Internet Qs TRAIL.OCTOBER   : Bob Consorti Projects; Parallel Printers; On Lamp Repairs TRAIL.NOVEMBER  : The WAP Move; Linders Keeps Dave Honest; Where Do I Find? TRAIL.DECEMBER  : Happy Holidays; Software Development Project; ///s Co. WAPOTHER.ARTICLES (SUBDIRECTORY)             BURR.PATTERSON  : "Profile of a Hard Learned Lesson" LINDERS         : "Doing a Hard Format on a Profile" MAC.TO.3        : "Apple /// to Mac, The Hard Way" DAR.REVIEW      : "DAR - Disk Archival and Retrieval" QUESTIONS.SEPT  : Q and A Column QUESTIONS       : Q and A Column INTERNET.A3     : Apple /// on the Internet - where the Listserver is PAULS.NEWS      : The latest adventures of Co-Chair Paul Campbell


APPLE-3-WAP-wap-11a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-wap-11b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME:  BEST OF OTTALINI #10DISK ID :  APPLE-3-WAP-WAP-11BOOTABLE?  Nonbootable  Here's the 1995 version of our Best of Ottalini disk - including all ofDave's 1995 Trail Columns and PD Library articles.  Also included, a numberof other articles about the Apple II and /// by other authors.  Enjoy!SIDE ONETRAIL.COLUMNS (Directory)  MAY.JUNE          :Bob Consorti Moves On; Al Bloom Weighs In; But Wait Just                     One Minute; BOS Update; Internet News; A3 Technotes;                     File Transfers; Will Wonders Never Cease.       JULY.AUGUST       :SARA on the MAC?; On The Sound Front; Al Bloom and MLM;                     The Year 2000; Applesoft to an Apple /// Text File;                     Apple /// Parts; PD Library Notes.                        APPLE.3 (Directory)            WARNKE.AW         :Super Apple Writer /// (4.1)  MACRO.MGR.BUGS    :Macro Manager Bug Fixes  SARA.AND.ME       :Dave Wagner's experiences with his ///  EM.MODE.PRINT     :Printing in Emulation Mode  CHARACTER.SETS    :Downloading Apple /// Character Sets  PAUL.REPORT       :Latest News from /// SIG Co-Chair Paul Campbell  AW.TUTORIAL       :AppleWriter Tutorial  BB.PRINTING       :Printing from Basic and Pascal     PD.LIBRARY (Directory)  PD.LIBRARY.JULY   :/// SIG PD Library additions for July                     (also see Inet.Disks on Side Two - Internet/Inet.Disks)SIDE TWOINTERNET (Directory)  INET.BY.MAIL      :Getting Internet information with email  INET.DISKS        :Internet PD series for the Apple ///  INET.FILTER       :Filtering Usenet Messages  A3.INET           :Apple /// and the Internet  INTERNET.AND.3    :Apple /// and the Internet  A2.INET.SW        :Apple II software on the InternetAPPLE.2  (Directory)  SECOND.SIGHT      :New Second Sight graphics card for the 2GS      A2.Q.A.11.95      :Apple 2 Q and A   AW.PATCH          :Patching AppleWriter 2.1

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