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Business BASIC Part II


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-12a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-12b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: PROGRAMMERS POWER TOOLSDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-12BOOTABLE?                           PROGRAMMERS POWER TOOLS ///                               for the Apple ///                                By CE Software                        Transcribed for the WAP /// SIG                                by Tim Bouquet(NOTE:  The following information comes from a promotional flyer provided byCE Software.  It does not substitute for the manual, which is availabledirectly from CE Software for $10.00.)        Basic has long been a popular language for micro-computers, primarilydue to its simplicity and ease of learning. However, many programmers feelthat they eventually must abandon this language for other, more powerful onesto overcome some of the limitations of BASIC.  NO MORE!  PPT///, for theApple///, extends the power of the Business Basic interpreter.  Now,utilizing Programmer's Power Tools, both beginning and advanced programmershave the capability to write sophisticated, advanced programs withoutsacrificing the simplicity of BASIC.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                                 BENEFITS:  o PPT/// will speed up your programs, cutting down such time wasters as    searching and sorting.    o PPT/// will cut your development time by removing the need to write long,complicated subroutines for user input and upper/lower case conversion.      o PPT/// will give your programs a professional look, allowing you to      easily incorporate state-of-the-art techniques of user-friendliness.             o PPT/// commands meld easily into your BASIC program. --------------------------------------------------------------------------In March, 1989, CE Software placed PPT /// into the public domain.  You willfind it on Side B of this disk.  In return for placing the programs into thePD, CE Software asks that users purchase the manual for $10.00 whichincludes:        o  A complete tutorial manual, with reference section for quick           instructions, commented listings of sample programs,            demonstration programs and more.----------------------------------------------------------------------------CE SOFTWARE  1854 Fuller Road  PO Box 65580  West Des Moines, IA 50265             (515) 224-1995           


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-13a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-13b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME:  PPT/Basic HelpsDISK ID:   APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-13:  Bootable? :Bootable            This is a disk for Business Basic Programmers!  On Side One are some examples of how Programmers Power Tools (Disk APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-12) can make your programs better. The /// SIG's own Jim Salerno put the menu together to make the demo for PPT a little clearer.           On Side Two we've provided you with a host of information about programming with Business Basic.  Information downloaded from Ed Gooding's Three's Company BBS and the /// section of MAUG on CompuServe and from Three Cheers Magazine on disk.  Files include: INVOK.INFO     :  Information about using Invokables in Business Basic Q1             :  How to free up memory under Business Basic Q2             :  Using Verbs for Invokables Q3             :  On GET, INPUT, ON KBD and their use Q4             :  How to flush the type-ahead buffer   Q5             :  Get Request.inv module to look for a Carrier Detect on a                    modem. Q6             :  Program to print your screen contents RENAMER        :  Text of program to shorten pathnames for backup purposes RENAMER.PGM    :  Renamer Program BASIC.TOOLS1   :  Information on moving a statistial analysis program to the                   /// and Business Basic from Applesoft BASIC.TOOLS2   :  Info on the 1.23Ax version of Busines Basic BASIC.TOOLS3   :  Using 6502 invokables from Business Basic


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-14a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-14b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: DISK.MAKER/APPLESEEDSDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-14BOOTABLE? YesSIDE ONE:        Disk Maker is a Business Basic program for fast copying of /// and //Prodos-based disks. It loads the entire disk into memory for multiple copies.It will also make disk and address labels.  V1.1        Menu Maker will let you boot Disk Maker and when finished, return to the Menu.  You'll also find:Appleseed.dskcs  : Information about the Appleseeds Basic programs on Side TwoSIDE TWO:     Appleseed, is designed to help you program quickly andeasily in Business Basic.  Programs on this disk side can be divided into four categories:                             1. Seed programs                             2. Subroutines                             3. Program documentation                             4. UtilitiesSEED PROGRAMS:Six seed programs are included on this disk---one for each graphicsmode, one for music, and one for 40-column color text.Seed programs are designed to be loaded and listed.  When listed,you will see that directions are given in REM statements. The mostpertinent REM statements will appear at the end of the listing.  Thisway they will stay on the screen for reference while you begin to program.Seed programs are time-savers.  When you wish to try simple graphicsor when you want to add music to your programs, the seed programs areready to use.  All SOS calls have already been written into them.  Allyou have to do is read the REM statements and follow the formuladescribed for entering data.  This way you can begin drawing your pictureor composing your song at once.


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-15a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-15b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: APPLE /// AND APPLE // GRAPHICSDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-15 BOOTABLE? YesBy Dave Ottalini        This is a disk long in the making.  It developed from my desire to learn a little bit about graphics on the Apple ///, and how to transfer Apple // graphics programs.        Frankly, it ain't always easy.  On the Apple // side you have LoRes,HiRes and Double HiRes (the GS adds Super HiRes).  On the Apple /// it's fourdifferent graphics formats, some that approximate the Apple // formats,others that don't.        Add to that the fact that the programming is somewhat more difficulton the /// side (the tradeoff is that /// graphics are more powerful in someways) than on //.  The best example is that to get into Apple // LoResgraphics, it's one simple command: GR (for HiRes it's HGR). From there youcan manipulate the screen as you will, but you are forced to use Peeks andPokes to do it.        The Apple /// requires that you OPEN the Graphics Driver, INVOKE theBGRAF Invokable module, stipulate the pencolor and fillcolor along with a fewsundry other things.  But once that's done, you can move on to what you'dlike to do.  No Peeks or Pokes either.        The other problem is the graphics screens.  On the Apple //, the 0,0coordinate is at the top left of the screen.  On the ///, it's at the bottomleft.  That requires some finagling as well.        On this disk, you will find a number of attempts at translating from one format to the other. You should find the results interesting.        This is a double booting disk that will work on the // or the ///.All the programs are on side two.  You can run one particular version, rebootand see what the other is like.  Or you can read each program as text filesshould you desire.  Some programs require joysticks to operate properly.Side Two:-: READ.ME.FIRST : The programs and files you'll find on this disk.-: EXAMPLE.1 (subdirectory)-: - A3.T                BasicFile-: - A2                  AplSoft Prg-: - A2.H                AplSoft Prg-: - A3.T2               BasicFile-: - RANDOM.A2           AplSoft Prg-: - RANDOM.A3           BasicFile-: - RANDOM.A3.2         BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.1 (subdirectory)(continued)-: - RANDOM.A3.3         BasicFile-: - RANDOM.A2.2         AplSoft Prg-: EXAMPLE.2 (subdirectory)-: - A2                  AplSoft Prg-: - A3                  BasicFile-: - A3.ALT              BasicFile-: - A2.H                AplSoft Prg-: EXAMPLE.3 (subdirectory)-: - A3                  BasicFile-: - A2.L                AplSoft Prg-: - A2.H                AplSoft Prg-: - A3.ALT              BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.4 (subdirectory)-: PAGE.FLIP.A2          AplSoft Prg-: PAGE.FLIP.A3          BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.5 (subdirectory)-: - CYPRUS              AplSoft Prg-: - MONTEREY.PINE       AplSoft Prg-: - FERN                AplSoft Prg-: - CYPRESS.BB          BasicFile-: - MONT.PINE.BB        BasicFile-: - FERN.BB             BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.6 (subdirectory)-: - JOYSTICK.A2         AplSoft Prg-: - JOYSTICK.A3         BasicFile-: - A3.TEXT             AsciiFile-: EXAMPLE.7 (subdirectory)-: - MOVE.A3             BasicFile-: - MOVE.A3.2           BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.8 (subdirectory)-: - EGYPT.  A3          BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.9 (subdirectory)-: - POINTS              AplSoft Prg-: - POINTS2             AplSoft Prg-: - STARS               AplSoft Prg-: - STARS2              AplSoft Prg-: - A3.STARS            BasicFile-: EXAMPLE.10 (subdirectory)-: - MAND                AplSoft Prg-: - MAND.GR             AplSoft Prg-: - MANDELBROT.GRAF     BasicFile   (Thanks to Richard Altman)-: Example.11 (subdirectory)-: - LINES.TEXT          AsciiFile-: - A2LINES.TEXT        AsciiFile-: - A2.LINES            AplSoft Prg-: - A3.LINES            BasicFile


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-16a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-16b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Music, Music, MusicDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-16              BOOTABLE?: BootableA disk full of music (using Business Basic), all with a decidedly Apple ///bent. On Side One: PIANO.PLINKER  : A one octive music program for the Apple ///. MEDLY          : A medly of tunes you can play using PIANO.PLINKER MUSIC.ARTICLES : A text file listing articles written about music on the A3. VARIABLE.NOISES: Play it and that's what you'll get. MIDI (subdirectory) (See side two for more on MIDI) - MIDI.DRIVER    : Information about the Passport MIDI Driver.   MIDISTUFF.INV  : Information about the Passport MIDI Invokable module.On Side Two: PICK.THAT.TUNE : Can you Pick That Tune? Try it! POP; TV; CHILDREN; COUNTRY :Categories for Pick.That.Tune. MUSIC        :Basic Music program LORD.AUDIO1  :Basic Music program LORD.AUDIO2  :Basic Music program NOISES       :More noises! MIDI2 (subdirectory): - CHORD.BASIC      :Basic Chord Progression Generator for MIDI interface. - CHORD.PROG       :Text version of above. - MIDI.DATA.BASIC  :MIDIPRINT - MIDI Data Display Basic program. - PRINT.MIDI.DATA  :Text version of above.


APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-17a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-17b.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-18a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-18b.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-19a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-19b.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-20a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-bsb-20b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best of SalernoDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-BSB-17         BOOTABLE?: BootableMany thanks to Jim Salerno for this excellent disk! On Side One (All Games): GUESS.IT       :Try to guess a number picked at random by your computer. SIMON.SAYS     :The original Simon Says game in Basic. DOMINO.PUZZLE  :Try to match up the numbers in four blocks. Hints provided. CONCENTRATION  :A card game played against the computer. Try to find the                 mixed pairs of cards. On Side Two (Self-Booting)(Includes a Menu program): DRIVER.CHECK    :A Basic program that checks the drivers you have on line. PRINTER.MENU    :Prints a list of fonts for a C.Itoh printer. FILE.READER     :Text file reader. TIMESET         :Set your system's time and date IF you have a clock chip. CALENDAR        :What day is it ... was it ... or will it be? RENUMBER        :Renumber your Basic programs. PRT.CODES.PROG  :Reveals the printer codes for C.Itoh/IBM/NEC Printers.

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