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DISK ID: APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01 - APPLE-3-WAP-cat-04

        /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// ///                     /// SIG, Washington Apple Pi                         12022 Parklawn Drive                         Rockville, MD. 20852                            (301)-984-0300 WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARY PDS NAME: WAP /// SIG PD Catalog (ASCII Version) Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01 - APPLE-3-WAP-cat-04 BOOTABLE?: Bootable - Disk III.CAT.01 Only Information about all the Public Domain disks offered by Washington Apple Pi's /// SIG. Files on this disk can be read or printed using the included Menu.Maker program, "Print All", or with any Apple /// word processing program. 3EZ Pieces/AppleWorks Data Base version available on separate disks (APPLE-3-WAP-CAT-05-08).DISK APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01:APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01a.dsk [Catalog] Side 1APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01b.dsk [Catalog] Side 2SIDE ONE                        SIDE TWOACCOUNTING                      BLOOM.SOFTWAREAPPLE.SOFTWARE                  CATALOGBUSINESS.BASIC                  EZP.AWPGAMESDISK APPLE-3-WAP-cat-02:APPLE-3-WAP-cat-02a.dsk [Catalog] Side 1APPLE-3-WAP-cat-02b.dsk [Catalog] Side 2SIDE ONE                        SIDE TWODA.DATASYSTEMS                  EMULATIONGRAPHICS                        FONTS                                GAMES                                INFORMATIONDISK APPLE-3-WAP-cat-03:APPLE-3-WAP-cat-03a.dsk [Catalog] Side 1APPLE-3-WAP-cat-03b.dsk [Catalog] Side 2SIDE ONE                        SIDE TWOMISCELLANEOUS                   PASCALPAIR SOFTWARE                   REPAIRS                                SHAREWAREDISK APPLE-3-WAP-cat-04:APPLE-3-WAP-cat-04a.dsk [Catalog] Side 1APPLE-3-WAP-cat-04b.dsk [Catalog] Side 2SIDE ONE                        SIDE TWOSOURCECODE                      UTILITIES SYSTEM.SOFTWARE                 WAP.ARTICLESTELECOM                         WORD.PROCESSING

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