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3 EZ Pieces Part I


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DESCRIPTION: This disk contains 3 EZ Pieces/AppleWorks business templates:

On Side One:

-: Annual Expenses:         Helps in calculating rough annual expenses.
-: Wage Rate Table:         Converts wages to periodic equivalents.
-: Quick Planner  :         Product Processing Module for the Ceramics
-: Employee Paysheet:       Calculates hours worked by Employees, etc.

On Side Two:

-: EASY Accountant:

Easy Accountant is an EZP/ AppleWorks spreadsheet application designed to manage
the ledger of an individual or a small business running on a cash-basis
accounting system.  The basic structure of Easy Accountant can be modified or
expanded to handle your specific needs.

Easy Accountant will enable you to enter all receipts and expenditures for each
monthly period and will then compile and print a Monthly Report, a Year-To-Date
Report and a Detailed Journal Listing Report.

The Easy Accountant diskette has the following files:

     ea.dskCMNTATION a wordprocessing file that contains these instructions.

     ea.WORKSHEET a spreadsheet file consisting of three menu sections, the
Checkbook Journal, the Adjustments Journal, the Compiler and the Monthly Report.

     ea.SUMMARY a spreadsheet file used to carry forward the monthly totals and
to generate the Year-To-Date Report.

     ea.MACROS a wordprocessing file containing several Autoworks macros for use
with the worksheet file.

     ea.NOTES  a wordprocessing file containing additional information, comments
from users and update notes not found in other files.

     ea.RECON SCHED a spreadsheet file containing a schedule to assist you in
getting started with the bank account reconciliation process.

Unlike double-entry bookkeeping the Easy Accountant books are simple 'single
entry' journals.  This means that for any transaction, only one entry is made.
The advantage of a single-entry system is its simplicity. On the other hand, it
will not provide a complete record of your assets, equipment, inventory, loans
outstanding or other liabilities.  For most individuals and small businesses a
single-entry system of accounts will provide the basic information you will need
to run your business and prepare your tax return.

APPLE-3-WAP-AZW-02: 3EZ Pieces Checkbook Template by John Lomartire

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WAP /// SIG PD Library

APPLE-3-WAP-AZW-02:  3EZ Pieces Checkbook Template by John Lomartire 

      On this disk you'll find a 3EZ Pieces template for keeping your
   checkbook in good shape.  It was provided by /// SIGer John
   Lomartire.  A complete tutorial is on side one of this disk in a
   text file so it can be read or printed with Menu.Maker.  The template
   and example are on side two.  In addition, we've added a 
   bibliography of all of John Lomartire's articles.  There's also a
   3EZP/Appleworks data base cross reference of chips on the Apple ///
   Motherboard as developed by John.


by John Lomartire

Checkbook systems usually contain a provision for keeping a record of checks 
that have been issued.  Sometimes this takes the form of check stubs on which
the information is stored, or it might be a separate booklet for retaining
such data.  In any event, it is generally a chronological entry, most 
probably in check number and date of issuance order.  There is no question 
that this does indeed constitute a record of issued checks but by entering 
the same information into a computer base, a number of advantages are 

1.  Computer calculation of balances to verify personal ones.

2.  Easy location of past checks drawn to specific payees or specific

3.  Easy grouping of checks by type of expenditure.

4.  Quick verification of monthly bank statements.

5.  Storage of individual expenditures for checks issued for a total payment,
    e.g. credit card bills.

Some of the items on the list given above can only be done by laborious
manual examination of the conventional check record system, but it is an easy
matter for the computer to handle.

The approach described here utilizes a spreadsheet but since it depends for
some of its features on an ability to sort, Visicalc was not applicable. 
Instead, the 3 E Z Pieces spreadsheet was chosen although any other 
spreadsheet program with sorting capabilities would serve as well.  The 
ability to establish different column widths is not imperative in the choice 
of spreadsheet but it is a very convenient feature to have.  Once again, 3 E 
Z Pieces qualifies.

(It is assumed that the reader knows enough about 3 E Z Pieces to use its 
commands to FIND, ARRANGE, SORT, PRINT etc.  This will not be covered here.)

The spreadsheet uses columns A through T.  It will be apparent that other 
columns can be added at the user's discretion.  For example, one could 
include a "CODE" column that would identify the type of expenditure, its tax 
status, the issuing department or individual, or some other aspect of data 

organization.  Amplification is simple and will be left to the individual to 
tailor the basic form presented here to his own particular needs.

WAP /// SIG AWZ-03

APPLE-3-WAP-awz-03a.dsk [Catalog]
APPLE-3-WAP-awz-03b.dsk [Catalog]

Accounting/Finance Templates
WAP /// SIG AWZ-03

  Side one is a set of accounting templates provided by /// SIG member Irving
  Tessel of Los Angeles.  It's simple to use and instructions are provided. 
  On side two we've taken a number of Advanced Visicalc templates and
  converted them over to 3EZP/AppleWorks spreadsheet format.  Templates
  included will let you keep track of your expenses, compute your net worth,
  keep track of your stock portfolio and much more. 


1.  These programs are templates.  When the program is on the screen, change
the file name.  This will save the template for further use.

2.  Prepare a Chart of Accounts which shows the account name and the three
(3) digit account number.

3.  Before entering either the Cash Receipts or Cash Disbursements, run a
batch control tape on the dollars. After entering the data, print the report
labeled CONTROL. Use the record selection "Rec. # begins with...through Rec.
# begins with or "Check # begins with...through Check # begins with. (See 
example in Test Receipts).  The report total and the adding machine tape must

agree.  This assure accuracy in entering the correct dollar amounts.

4. Use the MULTI-RECORD REVIEW/ADD/CHANGE screen to enter the data for both
programs.  The program is setup to automatically move to the right as data is
entered.  For example:  After the date is entered, the check # is entered,

5. From the data base program, print to the Clipboard and use the word
processing program PRINT.CASH.REC. or PRINT.CASH.DIS. to print reports. This
will allow editing that can't be done in the data base program. Change report
headings to reflect the report that is being printed.  After printing, delete
the data portion of the report.  The template can then be reused.

6. Reports are established to list data by receipt number, check number and
by General Ledger Account Number with totals for each account.


The Templates Include:


All these files were converted from Advanced Visicalc files.  You can load
them directly into 3EZ Pieces or AppleWorks and they should work for you
without any trouble.  


APPLE-3-WAP-awz-04a.dsk [Catalog]
APPLE-3-WAP-awz-04b.dsk [Catalog]



Originally developed by Pacific Technology Systems.

These templates require any Apple ][ or /// computer, any version of AppleWorks
and perhaps just a small amount of common sense.

The templates were built with an instructional approach during development, so
expect that the templates will not only meet your data management needs, but
also can be used to teach AppleWorks related activities to yourself as well as
to others, particularly computer novices.

MORTGAGE AMORTIZATION is a 3EZ Pieces/AppleWorks Template disk designed to be
run on any Apple // or /// computer with 128K of RAM.  Please feel free not only
to use this disk yourself, but also to copy it, give it to friends, add it to a
club library, and/or ... whatever.  This is a two sided disk, and both sides can
be copied with any SOS or PRODOS copy program.

There are three programs included:

Table A
   A table for calculating monthly mortgage payments based on loan amount,
interest rate, and term (in years).
Analysis B
   A thirty year analysis of a mortgage, broken into two fifteen year halves to
operate on an AppleWorks desktop of 55K.
Analysis C
   A thirty year analysis of a mortgage as one large AppleWorks spreadsheet.

Instructions for all three programs are included on the MORTGAGE AMORTIZATION
disk as 3EZP/AppleWorks word processor files.  We recommend that you print out
on paper the directions for whichever spreadsheet(s) you plan to use, although
the instruction files can also be read on-screen.

Since Analysis B is a spreadsheet that has been broken into two halves we have
included a step-by-meticulous-step procedure for splicing two spreadsheets as
part of the instructions.  Even if you are using an extended RAM card, allowing
you to use the full spreadsheet (Analysis C), we suggest that you try this
splicing procedure with Analysis B1 and Analysis B2, as it represents a tutorial
on combining spreadsheets.

Many features are included within the analysis spreadsheets that are not
described here (one spreadsheet is worth a thousand words, you know).  We
suggest that you use, play with, modify, experiment, and add to the
spreadsheets, always saving your files on your backup disk, leaving the original
spreadsheets intact.

Try other move, cut & paste, or rearrange techniques to get the spreadsheets
to meet your own unique needs.  Personal computers are supposed to be personal,
aren't they?  If you always follow the procedure of first calculating (Apple-K)
then rearranging, moving, deleting, etc., you can't go wrong.  Well ... almost!

Although this MORTGAGE AMORTIZATION disk does not contain a specific refinancing
spreadsheet, refinancing data can be obtained by using the Analysis spreadsheet
two times as if calculating on two different properties.  Or, if adventurous,
you could design your own by using portions of the existing spreadsheets.

Printer information is stored along with 3EZP/AppleWorks spreadsheets.  Some
suggestions are given in the instructions for formats appropriate to different
charts or tables that you might be printing out on your printer.  Do not
hesitate, however, to change these formats so that they fit your own needs,
preferences and printer requirements.  Before printing from a spreadsheet, you
may wish to choose print options (Apple-O) to redesign a form.


APPLE-3-WAP-awz-05a.dsk [Catalog]
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Originally developed by Pacific Technology Systems.

These templates require any Apple // or /// computer, any version of
AppleWorks and perhaps just a small amount of common sense.

The templates were built with an instructional approach during development, 
so expect that the templates will not only meet your data management needs, 
but also can be used to teach AppleWorks related activities to yourself as 
well as to others, particularly computer novices

CHECKBOOK MANAGER is a 3EZP/AppleWorks Template disk designed to be run on 
any Apple // or /// computer with 128K of RAM.  Please feel free not only to 
use this disk yourself, but also to copy it, give it to friends, add it to a 
club library, and/or ... whatever.  This is a double-sided disk, and both 
sides can be copied with any SOS/PRODOS copy program.

There are four programs included:

   This is the master spreadsheet that functions as a checkbook ledger.  It 
is used to produce monthly spreadsheets, some of which are included for 1986.
   A data base with many (too many?) suggested two letter codes for 
categorizing checks.  There is a detailed description of the coding system in
the instructions file (on disk).
   A tiny word processor file to stamp your checks "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY".
   A data base for printing onto checks, particularly "computer-type" checks.

Directions for all four files are included on the CHECKBOOK MANAGER disk as a
3EZP/AppleWorks word processor file titled "INSTRUCTIONS". You can print out 
the directions on paper or read them on-screen; take your pick: papyrus or 
cathode ray.

The data base CHECK CODES uses a category structured for sorting Even if you 
choose not to use these codes, we suggest that you read its instructions and 
look at the data base, as together they form a tutorial on arranging within a
data base.

Categories were designed for personal checking use, but the instructions 
indicate a simple method for redesigning the CHECKBOOK MANAGER for small 
business applications.

The mathematics within the spreadsheets is very simple and straight-forward; 
we have kept it that way to allow ease of modification to the spreadsheets. 
The general system has been set up for you, yet there is still room to alter 
and expand.  Adding columns, perhaps one for tax deductions, should be a snap
for skilled users of AppleWorks.  Still, we have not forgotten the novice:
with the included instructions, and because of the attention that we have 
devoted to the format of the spreadsheets, you (yes, even you!) should be 
able to begin using the CHECKBOOK MANAGER immediately.


APPLE-3-WAP-awz-06a.dsk [Catalog]
APPLE-3-WAP-awz-06b.dsk [Catalog]


PDS NAME: Contributions Disk #1: Side One-A
Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-AZW-06                SUBJECT: 3EZP/AW Templates
BOOTABLE?: NonBootable           DISK SIZE: DS 5.25 OS: SOS

DESCRIPTION: A disk full of Appleworks/3EZ Pieces templates from a number
-: of contributors.  Requires either program to use.
-: On Side One:

-: Applied.Sci (Subdirectory)
-: -A series of templates to keep track of your portfolio. These are
-:  formerly commercial templates from a company called Applied Scientific.

-: NAUG (Subdirectory)
-: -Templates once offered by NAUG (National AppleWorks Users Group) to
-:  those renewing their membership.
-: -Music Library     : Keep Track of your music library.
-: -Video Library     : Keep track of your video library.
-: -HSBND.Ancestry    : Trace a husband's ancestry.
-: -Wife.Ancestry     : Trace a wife's ancestry.
-: Documentation for all these templates provided on disk.

On Side Two:
-: AUGI (Subdirectory)
-: -Home Inv.1      :  A home inventory template
-: -Order w.o Wt    :  Blank order form - no weights involved
-: -Form Postcard   :  Postcard address template
-: -Form Envelope   :  Template for printing your address on an envelope
-: -Form Label      :  Label Template
-: -Order with Wt   :  Blank order form - weights involved.
-: -Personal Ltr Hd :  A personal letter head template
-: -Address Book 1  :  Address Book Template
-: -Area Codes      :  Area Code Template (not complete)
-: -Bulletin Boards :  Template to keep track of your favorite BBS's
-: -Credit Cards    :  Keep track of your Credit Cards with this template
-: -Genealogy       :  Simple genealogy template.

-: Ottalini (Subdirectory)
-: -Seed Addresses    : Addresses of some seed companies
-: -BTU Guide         : Keed track of the BTUs you are using
-: -Car Schedule      : How soon will you pay off your car?
-: -Cash on Hand      : How much cash do you have?
-: -Cook Conv.        : Conversion help for the cook in the family
-: -Credit Interest   : How much interest have you paid on your Credit Cards?
-: -Family Budget     : Another Budget template
-: -Gas Expenses      : How much are you paying for gas?
-: -House Pricing     : Interst and Principal on your house
-: -Personal Worth    : This template figures it for you
-: -Sales Taxes       : Keep track of how much you've paid
-: -Bird Sightings    : Keep track of the birds you're watching

-: Campbell (Subdirectory)
-: -A3.Drivers     : List of Apple /// Drivers
-: -Address Book   : Paul Campbell's version
-: -Building.Acc.  : Keep track of expenses for a rental
-: -Projects       : Template to help you keep track of building projects
-: -Repair Log     : Template to help keep track of equipment repairs
-: -Time Tests     : Time results of various A3 hardware/software vs. MSDos
-: -Autodate       : Spreadsheet Template that figures dates for you
-: -Spreadcheck    : Paul Campbell's version of a checkbook spreadsheet
-: -Tupperware Form: Order form for Tupperware products

-: Checkbook (Subdirectory)
-:-Checkbook       : Checkbook Template.  Includes Instructions
-:-Test.Checkbook  : Checkbook Template filled out as an example

Many Thanks to : Paul Campbell, Dave Ottalini, Joe Dobrowolski, NAUG
                 (National Appleworks Users Group), Applied Scientific
                 and any unnamed contributors for making this disk

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