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APPLE-3-WAP-gam-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Games Disk 1DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-01: BOOTABLE? YES       This is our first disk of games for the Apple ///. They've been aroundfor awhile as you might imagine.  But they're still a lot of fun.  Why not give them a try?  Both sides are bootable if you like, or you can use Menu.Maker to give you a listing and run programs from either side (boot sideone first, though).  -: Side One:-: CANIBAL.ISLAND  : A text adventure that could end in the hot seat.-: DAZZLE          : A graphics experience.-: FOOTBALL.GURU   : Can you pick 'em?-: FRIEND          : Eliza-look alike who likes to ask questions.-: PIANO PLINKER   : A one-octave organ.-: TRUCKER         : Become a Travelin' Man or Woman.-: WORD PUZZLE     : Just try to figure it out.-: Side Two:-: AUDIO.DEMO/AUDIO.DEMO2:  Yes, your /// can play music if you let it.-: BIORHYTHM  :  Is it your day or should you stay in bed?-: CAL.COUNTER:  It could help you look like Opra once did.-: CIVIL.WAR  :  Fight it all over again.-: CODEBREAKER:  Get out the Dick Tracy secret decoder ring.-: GOLF       :  Even Arnold Palmer would like this one.-: LIFE               :A text version of this old favorite.-: KNITTING TOOL      :A must if you like to knit.-: PERPETUAL CALENDAR :You ask and it will tell you.  What day is your-:                     birthday in 2001?-:-:


APPLE-3-WAP-gam-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME:  GAMES FOR KIDSDISK ID :  APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-02BOOTABLE?  YES         This disk is primarily for kids, but it's OK if you adults out therewant to give some of these games and other goodies a try.  But don't besurprised if the kids beat you on occasion!                These programs are from many sources, both from the Apple // and /// side of the fence.  There's even an original or two.  Side One:-: ADD                   :Test your addition skills.-: ARITH.DRILL           :Test your +-*/ skills.-: DEPTH.CHARGE          :Don't let them get too close.-: GUESSING.GAME         :This one is fun!-: PEG.GAME/PEG.GAME2    :An old-time favorite in two flavors.-:-:Side Two:-:-: CANADA.QUIZ     :Test your knowledge of our friend to the North.-: CONNECT.4       :An old favorite.-: GRAPH.SKETCHER  :A great graphics program.-: HANGMAN         :Don't miss too many or it's all over.-: MD.QUIZ         :Test your knowledge of Lord Baltimore's state.-: NJ.QUIZ         :Test your knowledge of New Jersey.-: PRESIDENT.QUIZ  :Test your knowledge of the Presidents.-: PRESIDENTS      :Another quiz about former residents of the White House.-: STATE.CAPITALS  :Yes, South Dakota is in there.-: US.QUIZ         :Where in the USA is ....-: WV.QUIZ         :West Virginia???-: KIDWORD 1.0     :A simple word processing program for Kids.-: KIDWORD 3.5     :A little more powerful version of Kidword 1.0.-:                  (Documentation is also included on this side.)


APPLE-3-WAP-gam-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: CAP'N MAGNETODISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-03BOOTABLE: YESThanks to: Weber Baker for his help.NOTE!!!!!** Please see the long-lost manual for Cap'n Magneto now on this disk!!! **Capt'n Magneto is a formerly-commercial Apple /// game placed into the PublicDomain by its author, Al Evans.  The program is an interesting one and usesfonts extensively throughout.  Pascal-based, this game is full of surprises. Itis not easy to master, however, and will take some practice.  Here are some basic instructions - BUT see the manual on this disk side forcomplete details!1. To use this PD disk as a stand-alone, copy side B to another disk and   place it in .d2.2. To use this from Catalyst, simply use the Catalyst interp install routine.   To use from Selector or BOS, simply follow the instructions for installing   a Pascal-based program.3. When playing, the numeric keypad serves as a control pad for various   aspects of play.  Thus if you are using DTM (Desktop Manager) or   PowerKeys, you will need to see that those keys do not have macros   defined. You can use the  first letter of the command, however. The escape   key will show you the Command Chart. The period shows the Status Chart.4. When you save a game, it gets saved to the current default data directory   in the file CM.SAVE.  To clear all saved games delete this file.   There are 9 slots to save different games in, with or without passwords.   Slot 9 came with a game that had processed quite a ways (CAP'N MAGNTO   gains strength and points as he goes if he survives). But it is password   protected (and the password has been lost).5. At various times some of the characters in the drama (different ones show   up on the tricorder reading) spout words of wisdom. (Sometimes they just   spout noise and gibberish).  The legible bits of advice are sound, but may   not make sense.6. To gain points you will have to fight.  As the Command Chart says, the   shift key raises your weapon (there are several of increasing potency, and   you have to find them) and the arrow keys direct the blow.  Without the   shift key the arrows simply move the good CAP'N.  You do not have to fight   everyone, however.  Friendly folks (see tricorder if you are not sure;   thought unfriendly ones will attack right away) will follow you around and   help you fight.  This is a good thing at first since you are weaponless.7. There are items called "magic" which do not appear on the screen (at least   not on a monochrome).  You have some to start, and if you go to drop   something, you will be presented with a list of things to drop.  The last   item will be blank.  These are the magic.  Dropping something, by the way,   is how you offer items to friends and enemies.  Just drop it in their   direction.  The status chart shows you how much of everything you have   (except magic).  Some creatures that are angry become friends and go away   if given the right item (not all items work and not all creatures get   happy).8. The world of CAP'N MAGNETO is donut-shaped, so you will always end up   where you started.The game uses fonts to perform its deeds, and the theory of doing things thisway was presented in one of the first ON THREE's by the game's author, Al Evans.1--------------------------------------------11     CAP'N MAGNETO-COMMAND CHART            11   Explanations of command actions          11                                            11   * Choose movement mode (when possible).  11  ** Followed by arrow key pointing to      11     item to get.                           11 *** Drop item. Move selector with up       11     and down arrows, press CHOOSE, then    11     press arrow key for direction.         11**** Press and hold SHIFT to ready weapon.  11     Then press arrow key for direction to  11     start "LUCK" counter, again to strike. 11--------------------------------------------1Reviewed and updated a tad: February, 1995By Dave Ottalini


APPLE-3-WAP-gam-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: APPLE /// GAMES 02 DISK ID : 3GAM.04 BOOTABLE: YES        We searched through a number of Apple /// PD games disks tofind some of the better games available.  They include:-: Side One:-: HANDICAPPER:  A program to help you pick the best horses. Definately-:               requires knowledge of horse racing.-: PEG.LEAP   :  One more game that tests your ability to leap pegs.-:Side Two's programs were all from the fertile mind of Robert Boston:-: SCRIBBLER  : A program that scribbles and plays music at the same time.-: BRICABRAC  :  Rearrange the three piles of numbered bricks to win.-: DICTIONARY :  Dictionary used with the Superghost program.-: EBBTIDE    :  Music demo of the song "Ebbtide" using "MUSIC" on this disk.-: FLASHER    :  An electronic Lava Lamp to help your /// relax.-: LOTREC     :  A program to help you pick the right numbers for the-:               lottery.-: SUPERGHOST :  A word-building game you play against the computer.-: MORSE.TUTOR : Practice your di-dah-di-dits.-: MUSIC       : Have fun with some tunes.-: NFL.RANKING : Keep track of your favorite teams each week.-:-:


APPLE-3-WAP-gam-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Star TrekDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-05              BOOTABLE? YES        Strictly for Star Trek fans!  This disk includesthe only two Star Trek games ever released for the Apple ///:Star Trek and Super Star Trek (Both in Business Basic)This disk also includes:-Graphics and music with a Star Trek theme.-Information for fans of STTNG, including clubs and information available from the Science Fiction Forum on CompuServe.      On Side One:-: ENTERPRISE  :Graphic File-: FAN.CLUBS   :ASCII Data Base of Star Trek Fan Clubs-: FLEET       :Graphic File-:On Side Two:-: LOCUTUS      :Graphic File-: STAR.TREK    :The original Star Trek game in Basic.-: SUPER.TREK   :The advanced version of Star Trek, in Basic.-: TREK.DL.REAL : 3EZP's Data Base of information available in the-:                Science Fiction section of CompuServe (as of 1992).-: TREK.SONG    : Your favorite theme song!-: TV.GUIDE     : Text file of stations around the country that may still-:                Star Trek the Next Generation. Likely they also now                  show Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.Updated a Tad: February, 1995By Dave Ottalini


APPLE-3-WAP-gam-06a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-gam-06b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME : SUPER TREK 2 BY PAUL CAMPBELLDISK ID  : APPLE-3-WAP-GAM-06BOOTABLE : YES - SIDE ONE ONLYWelcome to the latest update of StarTrek for the Apple ///.The first change you will notice is the new character set whichwas created using CustomFont, then modified for this version ofStarTrek. Aside from all the characters being enhanced, thecharacters used to represent the star ships and bases are newto work in harmony with the program code modifications.There were a few minor problems with the original Basic program,but nothing really serious except for a syntax error which wouldpop up and kill the game when you tried to activate communicationsto the Federation or the Klingons. The fix for this came from JoelCrump via the Washington Apple PI TCS. The other difficulty had todo with the Galactic Memory Map displayed by the ship's computer. This map showed the explored regions of the galaxy, but grew distorted with usage to the point where it was really hard to telljust were everything was located. This and the other minor problemswere corrected by simply editing the Basic program code in Apple-Writer ///, then executing the WP file from Basic. (Don't try thison a MS-DOS system!)During play your screen will be split, with the top half beingfor visual display of the Short Range Scanners, the Warp Compass,and the Long Range Scanners, and the bottom half being for commands and warnings. Speaking of warnings, you should know thatthe starting position of the Enterprise is random, and you mayfind yourself suddenly in the midst of a Klingon occupied sectorwith no visual scanners until AFTER you destroy a ship! (preferablynot you own...:) In playing the game, you will be given a few pointers in the instructions at the beginning of the game. You'll probably wantto play at the lower levels until you get promoted to Admiral!At the higher levels, you must have precise control over the warpengines and the ability to plot your course accurately to respondto attacks on distant Federation Bases.If that isn't enough, the Klingon ships grow more numerous withstronger shields. They can also effectively dodge your Phasers andPhoton torpedoes, and tend to attack Starbases more frequently.If you select a rank that is beyond your ability, you will be reminded of it very quickly by the Federation or the Klingons, butnot in that order!A word about Warping and Photon TorpedoesThe warp engines can take you one sector at a time or to the other side of the galaxy. When activated, you be asked for the directionthen the warp factor. Entering a warp factor of "1" will placeyour ship in the next quadrant. Entering a ".1" will move you onesector within the quadrant. An engine efficiency shift takes placeat warp ".3". At this warp factor and above, you must consider the sector occupied by your ship as one of the traveled sectors.For example, if you need to dock with a Starbase and there aresix markers between the Enterprise and the Starbase, you shouldenter ".7" to dock with the Starbase.  You really should check with the computer before firing off thosevaluable photon torpedoes, because you cannot reload except bydocking at a Starbase, and also because you WILL get hit by theKlingon ships whether you hit them or not. When you do ask for photon trajectories, you will be given a high and a low readingfor the photon direction. The most accurate trajectory will bethe exact middle between the two numbers (H-L/2+L=direct hit).The phasers lock on target automatically and are very effectiveat close range, but use a lot of energy units. Be sure that youknow where the the closest Starbase is if you use them frequently.You will be given some pointers at the beginning of the game ifyou ask for them. The game can be aborted by holding downcontrol-c, or by rebooting if you don't want to complete thegame in the normal way. Of course, you COULD take the Klingonapproach to ending the game.... naw, maybe not!- PAUL CAMPBELL  /// SIG CO-CHAIRMAN  FEBRUARY, 1995

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