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APPLE-3-WAP-inf-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: NEW MEMBER DISK DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-inf-01BOOTABLE? BOOTABLE - Side OneSEPTEMBER, 1995 UpdateThis New Member Disk (sides one and two) contains a wealth of informationfor new members of Washington Apple Pi's /// SIG. It's specifically a resource for anyone new to Apple /// computers and  you should read it carefully and completely.  The Menu.Maker programmakes it easy to do that.  And it also lets you make a hard copyof any text file you wish, simply by answering "Y" or '"y" at theappropriate prompt (assuming you have an Epson compatable serial printerhooked up to your ///'s serial port ... the 25 pin connector ...in the back of the ///)(We have drivers for other printers.)Additionally, if you have Apple Writer, Word Juggler or ///EZ Pieces (or for that matter, an Apple // with a ProDos-based wordprocessor or Mac with Apple File Exchange and a way to get these filesonto a 3.5 disk) you can read these text files as well. This disk is but one of a growing /// SIG Public Domain resource designedjust for you.  On side two, you will find a brief description of our PD disks.  But PD disks APPLE-3-WAP-cat-01-03 contain a complete listing of all thatour library has to offer, and we recommend them to you!Obviously we may have missed something.  If so, come to our next meeting and let's talk about it! We should also mention that there is an Apple /// in the WAP office.  We havemany software packages, books, software manuals, even a tutorial video tape (VHS) or tutorial cassettes which you may take out and view or listen to.  Again, welcome to Washington Apple Pi and the /// SIG! We'll look forward tomeeting you in person at our next meeting (quarterly on the second Saturdayat 10:00 AM at the Washington Apple Pi office.                                                        Your /// SIG Officers


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: How Do I?Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-INF-02              BOOTABLE?: Bootable             DESCRIPTION: "HOW DO I" contains articles on how to do all kinds of things withyour ///. The material comes from all over, but is on just one disk to provideas much help as possible.-: On Side One:-: USE.A.MOUSE      :Information on using a //e Mouse on a ///.-: APPLE.TO.IBM     :Converting files from SOS to MS-DOS.-: BATTERY.BACKUP   :How to build a battery backup for your ///.-: CURSOR.MOD       :How to modify your Cursor /// Joystick to play // games.-: DELETE.KEY       :One way to add a delete key to your Apple ///.-: DRIVER.CONFIG    :Configuring your SOS.Driver file.-: TURN.IT.ON       :What happens after you boot your ///.-: CLEAN.DRIVES     :Cleaning your Disk Drives.-: ALIGN.A143       :How to align a MicroSci A-143 Disk Drive.-: RAM.TEST         :Testing your ///'s RAM.-: UPGRADING.SOS    :Upgrading to 1.3 version of SOS.-: DESTRUCT.KEY     :Another way to add a delete (destruct) key for your ///.On Side Two:-: A3.INFO          :Basic Information about the ///.-: CLOCK.KIT        :Add a clock to your ///.-: EMULATION.TIPS   :Modify your Emulation Disk to reset to Monitor.-: FILE.RECOVERY    :Recovering damaged files.-: HARD.DISKS       :How to take apart a Profile Hard Disk.-: LASER.PRINTERS   :How to use a Laser Printer with your ///.-: MAC.N.BAK        :Transfering files from the Mac to the /// and back.-: POWER.SUPPLY     :Trouble-shooting Power Supply problems.-: SERIAL.CABLE     :How to make a serial cable for your ///.-: SOS.DRIVER.FILE  :Al Bloom's tutorial on working with the SOS.Driver file.-: SOS.DRIVERS      :More on modifying your SOS.Driver file.-: TELECOM.INFO     :Everything you need to know to get into                     telecommunications-: UPGRADE.256K     :How to upgrade from 128 to 256k.-: UTILITIES        :Little known utilities in System Utilities.-: VIDEO.HELPS      :Getting Composite Color from the ///.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: THE BEST OF MAUG DISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-INF-03BOOTABLE? Side One"The Best of MAUG" contains two sides of edited information fromthe Apple /// section of MAUG (Micronetworked Apple Users Group) onCompuServe (A commercial Bulletin Board system).Side One:APPLE.dskCTOR     :Suggestions for dealing with sick power supplies and more.BASIC.HELPS      :Moving Apple // Basic programs to the Apple /// and more.BUFFER.PROBLEMS  :Buffer problems with printers and more.GRAPHICS         :Moving graphics from // to /// and more.HARDWARE         :Noisy Profiles and more.DESCRIPTION: Side Two:APPLE.MOUSE      :Using the Apple //e Mouse with an Apple ///.APPLE.TO.IBM     :Coverting Visicalc files from the Apple /// to MS-Dos.COBOL            :Apple /// Cobol.  How good is it?COMMUNICATIONS   :Apple // and /// communications programs.CONSOLE.I.O.     :A discussion of Input/Output speed of the .Console driver.DISK.DRIVES      :Modifying an Apple // Disk Drive to work on a ///.FILE.COMPRESS    :Compressing text files in Basic.MODULA.2         :A discussion of Modula II for the Apple ///.PASCAL.HELPS     :Answers to some basic questions about the Pascal language.PRINTER.HELPS    :Imagewriter and Epson printer problems.PRODOS.SOS       :Similarities and differences between ProDos and SOS.REVIEWS          :Catalyst vs. Selector and more.SOFTWARE.HELPS   :Printshop, PFS File conversion, Jeppson Disassembler.TITAN.CARDS      :A description and discussion of the Titan ///+//e cards                  that turn your /// into a 128K Apple //e.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Information from The SourceDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-INF-04BOOTABLE: Side OneMay, 1987Updated a tad - March, 1995The information on this disk is material originally downloaded byvarious people from The Source, an online information service that no longer exists. As originally placed into the public domain, the information was basically in its raw, unedited formand contained a great deal of material that is no longer relavent to theApple /// community.The Apple /// SIG of Washington Apple Pi has taken the original material asfound in the "Information from The Source" public domain disk and edited itdown considerably to remove extraneous matter.  Much of the information isvery useful.  However, given the fact that the material comes from 1982, wewould remind users of this disk that names and addresses are probablyout-of-date and that some vendors mentioned either no longer exist, no longeroffer a particular program or have been absorbed into another company(VisiCorp is a good example.  It was bought out by Lotus Development andVisicalc was subsequently retired).  For an up-to-date listing of vendors,please check your /// SIG New Members Disk (III.INF.01).We feel there is still a great deal of excellent information contained on thedisk and hope you will find it useful.As always, the /// SIG welcomes your comments and suggestions and welcomesany thoughts for future additions to our SIG library.One Side One you'll find:ACCESS.REVIEW :  A review of Access III V. 1.0ACCESS.TECH   :  Technical notes on Access III V. 1.0APPLEIII.Q.A. :  Apple /// Q and A on topics that include                 Apple // emulation, Quark, Super Serial Cards, etc.PARALLEL.CARD :  Interactive Structures Parallel Interface for the ///.READ.ME.FIRST :  Some initial notes about the information on this disk.MESSAGE.CENTER  :Some /// information originally found on The Source.PROFILE.DAT.SAV :Review of the Profile Data Saver program for use with                 PFS.On Side Two:COPYRIGHT.INFO   :Tutorial on copyrights for computer programs and Databases.MARILYN          :Fotofile of that famous actress.MORE.A3.Q.A      :Discussions include Pascal, SOSclock, CP/M and more.AWRITER.REVIEW   :A not-so-positive review of Applewriter 1.0.WJUGGLER.REVIEW  :A review of Word JugglerXEBEC.HRD.DISK   :Fairly positive review of a hard drive made by Xebec.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME:  The Best of TAU DISK #  :  APPLE-3-WAP-inf-05BOOTABLE?  Side One        This disk is Dave Ottalini's selection of the "Best" articles from early editions of TAUTales, the newsletter of the old Third Apple Users Groupin Wheaton (Chicago) Illinois.On Side One:A3.CRITICISM  : Editorial on Apple /// criticism by R. Rann.A3.FUTURE     : Editorial on the future of the Apple // family by R. Rann.A3.NEWS       : //e Mouse, On Three, 3EZ Pieces.  Includes author comments.ALADIN.REVIEW : A review of this powerful A3 Data Base program. Also, an                open letter from TAU to members about the Apple ///'s future.BOOK.REVIEW   : Review of "The Little Kingdom", a book about Apple Computer.DOCUMENTATION : What's on this disk.IBM.BLUES     : Impact of the demise of the PC Jr.PASCAL.ANGLE  : Finding your cursor under Pascal.SWAN.REVIEW   : Review of Tom Swan's Pascal Data Base System and its                use with Apple /// Pascal.On Side Two:B.BASIC.HINTS    :A Business Basic EXEC utility and review of Multiplan.BIG.APPLE        :A graphic file.BOOK.REVIEW      :Review of a book about the designers of the microchip.CATALYST.TIP     :Editorial on "Throw Away Consumers" and setting up                  Catalyst to run a boot disk in .D1.DRAW.ON.REVIEW   :Review of On Three's Draw On Three graphics program                  and INFAX harddisk review.MAUG.TIPS        :Tips culled from the /// Forum of CompuServe.MORE.MAUG.TIPS   :More tips from the /// Forum of CompuServe.TAU.GENERAL.LIB  :Third Apple User's group PD Library listing.TAU.INFORMATION  :Basic information about TAU's PD and how to order.TAU.ROYAL.LIB    :Royalty disks available from TAU.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-06a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-06b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: THE BEST OF THE ATUNC NEWSLETTER: Volumn 1DISK #  : APPLE-3-WAP-inf-06BOOTABLE? Side One October 1984 - August 1985Compiled by David OttaliniWAP /// SIGTHE CONTENTS OF THIS DISK INCLUDE SOME OF THE BEST ARTICLES, INFORMATION,EDITORIALS, ETC. FROM THE ATUNC NEWSLETTER, THE PUBLICATION OF THE APPLETHREE USERS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.This "Best Of" disk is only one of a series of such disks developed for theWAP /// SIG (and other Apple /// Users Groups) to provide /// users with aquick reference to a wide range of /// information.  All "Best Of" disks maynot necessarily follow the same format.  For instance, this disk simplycontains a number of articles by subject.  For example, "A3 Notes" or"Bus(iness) Graphics.Thanks to former ///ers Robert Howell, the /// SIG PD now boasts of atremendous resource - a series of "Best of ATUNC" disks by category to make finding information even easier for you.  They are disks APPLE-3-WAP-INF-06 through 11. All are available from the WAP office at reasonable cost.MORE ON THIS DISKAlong with the regular files on this disk, you will also find on a 3EZP'sData Base Bibliography of all ATUNC Newsletter articles through 1989.  It'son side two and requires 3 EZPs to read.  A 3EZ P's Data base of articles from1990-91 are on Side One.SIDE ONEA3.NOTESADVANCED.VCADVANCED.VC2APPLE3.FOREVERBASIC.LIMITSBUSINESS.BASICDISKNAME.DATREAD.ME.FIRSTEM.REBOOTATUNC.90.91SIDE TWOATUNC.NWSLTTRBUSNSS.GRAPHICSCATALYST.MENUCOMPUSERVEDELETE.KEYDYNAMIC.DRIVERSKEYSTROKEMANEFESTOPOWERKEYSQUESTIONSQUESTIONS2RAM.TESTSERIAL.CABLESOS.DRIVERSTHREE.EZPSUPGRADE.512KUTILITIESVIS.BRIDGEMarch, 1989Updated January, 1993; March, 1995


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-07a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-07b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: THE BEST OF ATUNC #2Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-INF-07 BOOTABLE? Side One /// SIG member Robert Howe volunteered to go though many of the past Apple Three Users of Northern California newsletters (on disk) and pull out the best articles.  He's gone beyond the call of duty, by not only pulling out the articles but putting them into categories as well.  This disk is the first of five that will find their way into our PD. It includes information about Applewriter, Business Basic, Catalyst, Copy Protection, Desktop Publishing and Apple // Emulation Mode.(Note: APPLE-3-WAP-INF-06, THE BEST OF ATUNC #1 was an earlier compilation of files.)SIDE ONEAPPLEWRITER- AW3.AND.DMP      :Super/Subscript printing using AppleWriter & DMP Printer.- AW3.CHAR.COUNT   :How to make Applewriter not count character returns.- AW3.FOOTNOTES    :Footnotes in Applewriter.- AW3.HINTS        :Hints for beginners.- AW3.HINTS.PT2    :More hints for beginners.- AW3.HINTS.PT3    :Even more hints for beginners.- AW3.PRINT.PROB   :Problem with blank lines printed at the end of each page.- AW3.SUPER.FIX    :Fixing single page print bug in AW 4.0.- AW3.SUPERAW3     :What is Super AppleWriter?- AW3.WPL          :What is Word Processing Language and how to use it.- AW3.WPL.PT2      :Part of of using WPL.SIDE TWO:BUSINESS.BASIC- BBAS.DISKLABELR :Disk Label program (text).- BBAS.DRIVECLEAN :Drivecleaner program (text)- BBAS.EDUCATION  :Article exhorting ATUNC members to do some programming.- BBAS.EXEC.COMMD :Using the Business Basic EXEC command.- BBAS.INFO.2     :BB version 1.23 highlights.- BBAS.PD.DISK    :Review of ATUNC PD BB disk #1.- BBAS.PROG.LIST  :Sending BB program to your printer.- BBAS.RUNTIME.PM :Program that tells you a program's run time (text).- BBAS.STRUCTURED :Structured programming in BB.- BBAS.UNDOC.FEAT :Undocumented features of BB 1.23.- BBAS.WORD.PUZZ  :Program that will make an anagram word puzzle with your                   words.- WORD.PUZZLE     :Basic version of BBAS.WORD.PUZZ. It's fun!CATALYST- CATLYT.COP.PRO  :Getting around copy protection problems with Catalyst.- CATLYT.COPY     :Getting copy of the Catalyst Boot Disk.- CATLYT.DECATER  :Review of FIXER, a program that fixes catalyzed disks.- CATLYT.DNAM.DRI :Dynamic Drivers under Catalyst 2.0.- CATLYT.DYNM.DRV :Catalyst and Dynamic Drivers.- CATLYT.TRANSFER :Transfering Catalyst from Profile to QC10 Hard Drive.- CATLYT.UPGRADE  :Upgrading Catalyst.- CATLYT.VS.SELEC :Comparing Catalyst and Selector.COPYPROTECTION- COPY.OF.PROTECD :Advanced Visicalc damaged boot disk. Copy II+.- COPY.PROTECTION :Disk Data organization and copy protected software.- COPY.PROTECT.2  :More on Apple // programs that can copy copy protected                   Apple /// programs.- COPY2PLUS.V6    :Review of Copy 2 Plus, Version 6.DESKTOP.PUBLISH- DESKTOP.PUB     :Word Juggler and DTP.- DESKTOP.PUBLISH :General discussion of DTP and how to get started on the                   Apple ///.- INSERT.CARR.RTN :Automatic Carriage Returns.- NEWSLTRS.MAKE   :Printing newsletters with the Apple ///.EMULATION.OF.A2- A2.GAMES.ON.A3  :Apple // games on the Apple ///.- APPLE2.EMUL     :The basics about Apple // Emulation.- BASIC.BUGS.EM   :"BUGS" program for use in Emulation Mode.- COMPATBILTY.A2  :Compatibility between Apple /// and Apple //.- EMUL.COLOR      :Getting color in Emulation Mode with a Panasonic Monitor.- EMULAT.PROGRAMG :Programs for those interested in Apple // Emulation Mode.- RESET.A2.EMULAT :Modify Emulation Disk to reset an Apple // program.- RESET.A2.EM.PT2 :Part 2 on how to modify the Apple // Emulation Disk.- TIME.MONEY.A2   :Review of the Apple // program "Time is Money" that can                   run in Apple // Emulation Mode on the ///.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-08a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-08b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: THE BEST OF ATUNC # 3DISK ID # APPLE-3-WAP-INF-08BOOTABLE: Side One Only     APPLE-3-WAP-INF-08 is another in our series of "Best of ATUNC" disks, as puttogether by Robert Howe.  This disk has a lot of great information about 3EZ Pieces, Apple /// Hardware, Other Apple /// Users, etc.  Here's a complete listing:Side OneEZPIECESEZP.512.UPGRADE  : Will the 512K expansion board offered by OnThree be                   utilized by 3EZPieces or is it limited to the 256K ram?EZP.ADVANTAGE    : What is the advantage of buying 3EZ Pieces?EZP.APPLEWORKS   : Similarities and differences between 3EZPieces and                   AppleWorksEZP.CALC.FIELDS  : Mathematical properties of the 3EZP's Data Base Module.EZP.CUST.PTR.2   : How to set up a Custom Printer in 3EZ Pieces.EZP.CUSTOM.PRNT  : Getting the most out of the Printer Setup Utility.EZP.DATA.IMPORT  : Importing data into 3EZ Pieces.EZP.DATABAS.BUG  : 3EZ Pieces "Erase a Format" bug and how to get around it.EZP.DATE.FORMAT  : Using the DATE and TIME formats under 3EZ Pieces.EZP.DESKTOP.PUB  : The Apple /// can't do "DTP", but it can do parts of it.EZP.FINANCES     : New FINANCES Checkbook templates in ATUNC PD Library.EZP.GROUP.TOT    : Group Totals in 3EZ Pieces.EZP.LOCKUPS      : Hints for dealing with lockups under 3EZ Pieces.EZP.MAIL.MERGE   : Mail Merge from 3 EZ Pieces to Word JugglerEZP.PRNTR.CODE   : Printer Control Codes in 3 EZP word processor.EZP.PSF.TRANSFR  : Transfer PFS Files to 3EZPieces data base files.EZP.PSF.TRANS2   : PFS: File data transfers to 3EZ Pieces.EZP.RECORDCOUNT  : How to count the number of records in a particular report.EZP.REVIEW       : Positive review of 3EZ Pieces.EZP.RIGHT.JUST   : Right justification with the 3EZ Pieces word processor.EZP.RIGHT.JUS2   : 3EZP will give you right justification by hitting Open                   Apple O, then JU. (May not work on all printers.)Side TwoEZPIECESEZP.SPELLCHK     : What can be used as a Spelling Checker with 3EZPieces?EZP.SYS.FAIL.06  : Another way to encounter a system failure in a 3EZP                   operation.EZP.TEMPLATE     : CheckAids 3EZ Pieces checkbook templates.EZP.TEMPLATES    : Application Templates for AppleWorks/3EZ Pieces.EZP.W.CATALYST   : Put 3 EZ Pieces on a hard disk under Catalyst.EZP.WORD.JUGGLR  : Problems loading Word Juggler files into 3EZ Pieces.EZP.ROWS.INVERS  : Switching columns and rows in the 3EZ Pieces spreadsheet.HARDWARE.MISCBARCODE.READER   : Cauzin Softstrip barcode reader for the Apple //.CLOCK.MAKE.OWN   : Where to find clock kits for your Apple ///SERIAL.CABLE     : Can I use the same cable with my serial printer that I use                   with my modem?SIDER.HARD.DISK  : Sider 10/20 MB Hard Disks can work with the ///.HOW.I.USE.A3HOW.I.USE.A3.BD  : Barry Downes Explains How he uses his Apple ///s.HOW.I.USE.A3.BS  : Bill Stone Explains How he uses his Apple ///.HOW.I.USE.A3.CK  : Clyde Kirline Explains How he uses his Apple ///.HOW.I.USE.A3.CS  : Charles Sykora Explains How he uses his Apple ///.HOW.I.USE.A3.GG  : Gerald Glaser Explains How he uses his Apple ///.HOW.I.USE.A3.3   : Wendy Coleman, Kip Reiner and Ralph Dennard                   Explain How they use their Apple ///s.MAC.IMITATIONMACSTUF.N.FONTS : Information about Font Generator ///.MACSTUFF.DEMO   : Description of demos for Font Generator and Macstuff.MACSTUFF.PSCL   : Product announcement for Font Generator and Macstuff.MICROSCI.DRIVEA143.AND.CATLST : MicroSci A143 as the large storage device with Catalyst.A143.DCB.INFO   : The correct DCB values for a MicroSci A143 drive.A143.DRV.ALIGN  : How to align the A143 MicroSci Drive.A143.INSTALL    : Installing the MicroSci A-143 Driver:A143.MAINT.INFO : Maintaining and Repairing the MicroSci A-143 Drive.A143.MAINT.PT2  : Part 2 on Maintaining and Repairing the A-143 Drive.MICROSCI.143    : Repairing destroyed volumes on the MicroSci A-143.MISC.A3.INFOA3.FOR.COLLEGE  : The A/// as a college computer.A3.FOREVER      : Positive experiences after one year's ownership.A3.IN.EUROPE    : Experiences with the Apple /// by European users.A3.MANIFESTO    : Declaration of Apple /// Independence.A3.PUBLIC.dskM   : Apple Employee hands over Apple /// software to ATUNC.A3.STORIES      : Three Cheers for the Apple ///!A3.TO.IBM.TRANS : Moving Data from an Apple /// to an IBM.A3.USES         : Is the Apple /// a good choice for WP/DB/SS/College?GAMES.A3.MODE   : Where to find games in native mode for the Apple ///.HIFI.SOUND.ON3  : How to get Hi-Fi Quality Sound from your ///.MINIMUM.A3.SYS  : The minimum Apple /// system.MOST.USED.PGMS  : What Apple /// programs do most people use?WOZNIAK.ON.A3   : Just what did Steve Wozniak say about the ///?XMAS.FOR.A3ERS  : Great Christmas Gifts for Apple ///ers.


APPLE-3-WAP-inf-09a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-inf-09b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: The Best of ATUNC #4Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-INF-09BOOTABLE? Yes, Side One OnlySIDE ONE:-: MISC.A3.INFO (Subdirectory)-: - WHAT.U.NEED:  What the new Apple /// user really needs.-:-: MONITORS  (Subdirectory)-: - A3.TO.COLOR.TV  : Connecting an Apple /// to a color TV set.-: - COLOR.MON.HKUP  : Hooking a color monitor to the /// from composite                       port.-: - PANASONIC.MON   : Hooking up a /// to a Panasonic Monitor.-: - SCREEN.BLANK    : Inserting <CONTROL 5> (screen blanking) into a                       program.-: - SCREENBLNK.BEEP : In Visicalc (or other program) use <CONTROL 5> to-:                     blank screen then <CONTROL G> and /// will beep when-:                     done calculating.-: - VIDEOTAPE.A3   :  Hooking up a /// to a VCR.SIDE TWO:-: ONTHREE.PRODUCT-: - DRAW.ON.3.CMDS  : Draw On Three commands.-: - DRAW.ON.3.REVW  : A review of Draw On Three.-: - GRAPHIC.MGR.DMO : Report on a demonstration of Graphics Manager.-: - GRAPHICS.MANAGR : Report on Graphics Manager and printer compatibility.-: - ON.THREE.DEMOS  : Bob Consorti visits ATUNC for demos of his 512K bd,                       etc.-: - ON.THREE.PRODS  : Reviews of Selector, Desktop Mgr and other products.-: - UPGRADE.512K    : Upgrading your /// to 512K.-: - WHY.512K.UPGRAD : Why upgrade to 512K.-: OTHER.COMPUTERS-: - A3.A2.MAC.ETC     : An evaluation of the /// vs. other computers.-: - COMPUTER.TO.BUY   : Discussion about what your second computer should                         be.-: - IBM.PS2.DISADVA   : Excerpt of an article "PS/2 is for Suckers."-: - IBM.RUN.BY.A3     : How to control an MS-DOS machine remotely with a                         ///.-: - LASER.128         : Discussion about this Apple // compatible.-: - LASER.128.AS.A3   : Apple /// w/Titan Cards vs. Laser 128.-: PRINTERS-: - CABLE.SER.PNTR    : How to build a serial printer cable for the ///.-: - DIABLO.PRT.PROB   : Diablo 630 printer problem/solution (in software).-: - GEMINI.PRINTR     : Getting a Gemini printer to print enhanced/bold                         print.-: - HP.LASERJET       : How to hook up a Laserjet Plus to a ///.-: - HP.LASERJET.PNT   : Configuring the Laserjet to work on a ///.-: - IMAGEWRITER.PTR  : How to hook up an Imagewriter to a ///.-: - IMAGEWRITR.PROB  : Correcting a print problem with the null modem cable.-: - PLOTTING         : Plotting and graphing with the ///.-: - POWERPRT.SIZE    : Discussion of the Powerprint drivers (DA                        Datasystems).-: - PRINT.SPOOLER    : Discussion of the Quark Discourse print Spooler.-: - SERIAL.DRIVER    : How to know you have the right serial driver.-: SOFTWARE.MISC-: - AMORTIZATION.PG  : Discussion of a PD real estate amortization program.-: - BPI.GEN.LEDGER   : Demo and discussion of BPI General Ledger.-: - BUS.GRAF.FAIL    : Fixing Stack Overflow problems with Business                        Graphics.-: - BUS.GRAF.PRINT   : Business Graphics drives a /// user to the Mac.-: - DATABAS.CONVERT  : Converting Apple /// files to another computer.-: - DISCOURSE.PROB   : Installing Catalyst Discourse on a Profile.-: - DISK.LABELS      : Sources for PD software - including a disk label                        util.-: - FINANCE.DISKS    : Announcement about new Advanced Visicalc financial-:                      modeling disks for the ATUNC PD.

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