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PAIR Software


APPLE-3-WAP-par-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-par-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME :  PAIR Software Catalog DiskDISK ID# :  APPLE-3-WAP-PAR-01BOOTABLE ?  Side One Only        This disk contains the disk catalog of Pair Software - a former Apple/// vendor.         We've placed this disk into the WAP /// SIG PD for a couple of reasons.One is historical. It's important to preserve the information about the productslisted here. Secondly, this company made an important and lasting contributionto the /// community and deserves that recognition.  We also think it'sinteresting to read the descriptions... and see what the going prices were justa few years ago.        Please note that in late 1993, Frank Moore (former CEO of Pair Software) put all his disks into the public domain by donating them to WAP.On Side One:   READ.ME.FIRSTOn Side Two:   CATALOG


APPLE-3-WAP-par-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-par-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: Best Of Pair SoftwareDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-PAR-02BOOTABLE? Side One OnlyThe Best of Pair Software includes programs downloaded from thecompany's BBS that operated for a time (we wish we'd downloaded more!).This disk includes a number of articles exploring assembly language andhow to use it to do different things on the ///.  A Bibliography ofPair's /// Newsletter and /// Magazine is included.On Side One:BIB.ASCI.PT1     : Bibliography of Pair publications (ASCII)CISARS.ARTICLES  : Discusses John Cisar's articles on Side Two.PAIR.BIB         : 3EZ Pieces bibliography of Pair publications.On Side Two:BIB.ASCII.PT2    : Part 2 of ASCII version of Pair bibliography.CISAR.1          : The Pull Down Menu Unit.CISAR.2          : How to get flashing characters and upload characters                    into your programs.CISAR.3          : The Cisar Prompt Procedure.RGB              : A new RGB circuit for the Apple ///.


APPLE-3-WAP-par-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-par-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME :  DATA GRAPH ///DISK ID# :  APPLE-3-WAP-PAR-03BOOTABLE ?  Both Sides   DATA  GRAPH /// - The NEW, easy to use data graphing program for Apple   /// owners.  Data Graph /// allows you to use and  plot  up  to  three   separate  sets of datum on the same graph!  Or, average all three sets   for a single plot.  Does Bar, 3-D bar, line, X-Y plots, pie,  3-D  pie   and  scatter  graphs.    Black  and white graphs only, works with most   EPSON or compatible printers.   SIDE 1: Read.Me.First : This FileSIDE 2: Data Graph /// (Self Booting)


APPLE-3-WAP-par-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-par-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: GAIN ON SALEDISK ID : 3PAR.04BOOTABLE? Side OneGAIN  ON  SALE  is  a  powerful program for those Apple /// owners involvedin  loan  processing.   Handles  single  or  mulitiple  loan packages.Calculates loan figures, loan package values, coupon rates, loan fees, etc.Prints complete amortization reports,  loan  figures, etc.    Originally writtenby one of the 'Big Eight' accounting firms. Very fast, compiled Business Basic.  Requires  256K  machine,  one diskette drive.  SIDE ONE:  READ.ME.FIRST : The file you are reading now.SHORT.MANUAL  : How to use this programSIDE TWO:GAIN ON SALE PROGRAM


APPLE-3-WAP-par-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-par-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: LABEL MAKER ///DISK ID : 3PAR.05BOOTABLE? BOTH SIDES  LABEL  MAKER  /// is an easy to use program for the creation of labelson your computer.  You can  control  the  width  and  length  of  yourlabels,  store  formats,  etc.    Use  to  make  address labels, fancydiskette labels, etc.  Very simple in design and functions,  but  alsovery  simple  to use.  Source text included, no manual.  256K minimum,two disk drives or hard disk recommended. SIDE ONE:  READ.ME.FIRST : The file you are reading now.SOME.INFO     : Some notes about this program, Help file, etc.LABELS.DATA   : Backup of same file from Side TwoSIDE TWO:LABEL MAKER /// PROGRAM (SELF-BOOTING PASCAL)

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