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APPLE-3-WAP-src-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-src-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PDPDS NAME: XMODEM /// SOURCE CODEDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-SRC-01BOOTABLE? SIDE ONE ONLY        This disk contains the source code files to Gary Kato's wonderfulXMODEM Protocal Telecommunications Program.  It's Pascal-based - so you willneed Pascal to do any modifications (a fact you pretty much already knowif you were interested enough to purchase this disk.)        To see how the program acutally runs, you'll need WAP /// SIG PD disk3TEL.05 - XMODEM /// (or you can recomplile the source code).  To help youthough, we've also included the manual-on-disk as found on 3TEL.05.ON SIDE ONE:File Name       Blocks  Modified   Time  File Type    Created   Time      Eof XMODEM.SOURCE       4 29-May-90   7:59  DataFile    26-Sep-93  22:45    1536 XMAIN.TEXT         58 29-May-90   8:21  DataFile    26-Sep-93  22:46   29184ON SIDE TWO:File Name     Blocks  Modified   Time  File Type    Created   Time       Eof                                                                             XMODEM.SOURCE       4 26-Sep-93  22:37  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:49   1071 TXMODE.TEXT        32 29-May-90   8:01  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:49  15872 SOSERR.TEXT         7 29-May-90   8:02  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:50   3072 SETTIN.TEXT        18 29-May-90   8:03  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:50   8704 SAVESC.TEXT         7 29-May-90   8:05  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:50   3072 RXMODE.TEXT        40 29-May-90   8:07  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:50  19968 MYMACR.TEXT         6 29-May-90   8:13  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:50   2560 IOERR.TEXT          4 29-May-90   8:14  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:51   1536 GPACK.TEXT         11 29-May-90   8:15  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:51   5120 DIALOG.TEXT        50 29-May-90   8:16  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:51  25088 DATA.TEXT          48 29-May-90   8:17  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:51  24064 CRC.TEXT            6 29-May-90   8:18  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:52   2560 CONVER.TEXT         6 29-May-90   8:19  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:52   2560 ASCIIS.TEXT        13 29-May-90   8:20  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:52   6144 ALERT.TEXT          4 29-May-90   8:20  DataFile    26-Sep-93  19:52   1536


APPLE-3-WAP-src-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-src-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Powerkeys DM+ Source Code: Disk 1Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SCR-02                BOOTABLE? Bootable This disk, and APPLE-3-WAP-SRC-03 contain the Pascal Source Code files to Daryl Anderson's background utility program, Power Keys DM+.  On Side One:  POWER.KEYS.DISK  :Listing of /// SIG PD Disk APPLE-3-WAP-DAD-09, Power Keys DM+ LEGACY           :The legacy of Apple /// Programmer Daryl Anderson PK.ARTICLES      :A bibliography of articles about Power Keys POWERKEYS.AD     :Excerpt from an ad about Power Keys POWERKEYS.REVW   :ATUNC review of Power Keys POWERKEYS.DUMP   :Update on how to dump PK Keyboard to the printer ANOTHER.REVIEW   :TAU review of Power Keys On Side Two are these source code files: CALC.0.TEXT; CALC.1.TEXT; CALC.2.TEXT; CALC.211.TEXT; CALC.212.TEXT; CALC.3.TEXT; CALC.MAC.TEXT; CALC.MAIN.TEX


APPLE-3-WAP-src-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-src-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Powerkeys DM+ Source Code: Disk 2Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SRC-03                BOOTABLE? Bootable More Pascal Source Code Files for Daryl Anderson's Power Keys Background Utility program.  Side One files include: CALC.SCT.TEX; CALC.TEX; CALLMACS.TEX; CRPT.202.TEX; CRPT.TEX; DUMP.201.TEX DUMP.TEX; FONT.201.TEX; FONT.TEX; LOAD.TEX; LOCK.201.TEX; LOCK.TEX; MAPIT.TEX; MY.DISP.TEX; OLDCALC.1.TEX; PKYMACS.TEX Side Two files include: BUK2.TEX; BUK4.TEX; BUK6.TEX; BUK8.TEX; QMON.205.TEX; QMON.TEX;REMO.100.TEX; REMO.101.TEX; REMO.102.TEX; REMO.103.TEX; REMO.TEX; SCAN.201.TEX; SCAN.TEX; SHELL.TEX; TEST.ONOFF.TEX; TYPE.203.TEX; TYPE.TEX; ZPCOMMENT.TEX; ZPCOMMON.TEX

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