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APPLE-3-WAP-sys-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: SOS 1.3 AUTO UPGRADE & DOS TO SOS CONVERTERDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-01BOOTABLE? BOTH SIDESSIDE ONE : SOS 1.3 Auto Upgrade is an easy way to make sure that all yourApple /// SOS.Interp files have the latest version of SOS. Just run theprogram and it will give you step-by-step instuctions to upgrade to SOS 1.3.Self-booting and easy to use.SIDE TWO: DOS TO SOS Converter is an older Apple program that will allowyou to convert Apple // DOS files to Apple /// SOS files. Of limited usetoday unless you have something in Apple // DOS 3.3 format (generallyan ASCII text file) you want to convert to SOS. Self-booting.


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: SYSTEM UTILITIES AND DATADISK ID : 3SYS.02BOOTABLE? SIDE ONE ONLYSide one of this disk contains the latest version of the Apple /// SystemUtilities program. Side two contains different fonts and other goodies. Side One: - Apple /// System Utilities Program. Allows you to copy disks and files,     delete, verify disks, format disks, etc. Also contains the System     Configuration Program to set up your SOS.DRIVER files. Side Two: CONSOLE.DRIVER    :Console Driver RS232.DRIVER      :Modem Driver (uses the ///'s serial port) SERPRINT.DRIVER   :Serial Printer Driver AUDIO.DRIVER      :Audio Driver for sound/music GRAFIX.DRIVER     :Graphics Driver FMTDX.DRIVER      :Formatter Driver (needed to format disks) PROFILE.DRIVER    :Profile 5MB Hard Disk Driver PARPRINT.DRIVER   :Parallel Printer Driver SITYPE.DRIVER     :Silentype Printer Driver SERCRD.DRIVER     :Apple /// Serial Card Driver (the card fits in a slot). MTEK.DRIVER       :M-Tek Hard Disk Driver PROFILE10MEG      :Profile Driver that will work with 5MB or 10MB version. LASERJET.DRIVER   :HP Laserjet Driver KEYBOARD.LAYOUT (subdirectory) - SHOLES.1       :Sholes (QWERTY) Keyboard layout (Standard on the ///). - DVORAK.2       :Dvorak-style keyboard layout. - BRITISH.1      :British keyboard. - FRENCH.1       :French keyboard. - FRENCH.CANADA.1:French-Canadian keyboard. KEYBOARD.LAYOUT (subdirectory-continued): - GERMAN.1       :German Keyboard. - ITALIAN.1      :Italian Keyboard. - SPANISH.1      :Spanish Keyboard. - SWEDISH.1      :Swedish Keyboard. CHARACTER.SETS (subdirectory) - STANDARD; APPLE; ROMAN; BYTE; BRITISH; FRENCH; GERMAN; ITALIAN; SWEDISH; - SPANISH


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Apple /// Demo Disk #1Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-03             BOOTABLE? BootableThe first of three Demo Disks for the /// to honor the10 year anniversary of SARA and 100 disks in the WAP PD library.Demo Disks either came with the /// or were used by dealers toshow off the ///'s capabilities.Side One: A specially modified 10th anniversary version of the ///          Demo Program.  Runs continuously.Side Two: The original unmodified Apple /// Demo Program v. 1.2.


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Apple /// Demo Disk #2Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-04               BOOTABLE? BootableThe second of three Demo Disks for the /// to honor the10 year anniversary of SARA and 100 disks in the WAP PD library.Demo Disks either came with the /// or were used by dealers toshow off the ///s capabilities.Side One: The original 1.0 Dealer Demo program called "Focus '81"Side Two: Version 2.2 of dealer demo.


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Apple /// Demo Disk #3Disk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-05BOOTABLE?: BootableThe third of three Demo Disks for the /// to honor the10 year anniversary of SARA and 100 disks in the WAP PD library.Demo Disks either came with the /// or were used by dealers toshow off the ///s capabilities.On this disk: "Apple /// Business Applications ... An Introduction."             - Allows the user to try out word processing, data base,               spreadsheet and graphics on the ///.


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-06a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-06b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Apple ///+ Keyboard Demo DiskDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-06             BOOTABLE? BootableDESCRIPTION: Yet another demonstration disk for the Apple ///.This disk is Specifically for the ///+ and is a keyboard demonstrationprogram that provides hands-on experience.


APPLE-3-WAP-sys-07a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-sys-07b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME : SOS DRIVERSDISK ID #: APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-07BOOTABLE?  Not BootableThis disk contains many of the driver files still available for the Apple///.  You'll need to use System Utilities (Disk APPLE-3-WAP-SYS-02) and its System Configuration Program to create a customized SOS.DRIVER file for yourcomputer.On Side Two of this disk you'll find some SOS.DRIVER files already set up foryou.  They are by no means complete and may not match the configuration youhave.  We have set them up, however, to give you a start at setting up yoursystem.  In any case, there are drivers on this disk that will work with manyof the devices still available (new or used) to hook up to your Apple ///.If the SOS.DRIVER files set up on Side Two do NOT match your systemconfiguration needs, you can use them as the basis for putting together aSOS.DRIVER file that will work.If you bought your system used, the odds are excellent that the former userhas already set up his programs with a SOS.DRIVER that works with thatsystem.  In that case, you can use a SOS.DRIVER file from one of the bootdisks you received and use it as the basis for adding additional drivers whenyou need to (for example, adding a trackball driver, graphics driver,hard disk driver, or additional printer driver.)For more information on how to set up your SOS.DRIVER file using the SystemConfiguration Program (SCP) in System Utilities, please see the file on thisdisk named DRIVER.CONFIG.  If you were lucky enough to get an original set ofApple /// manuals, there is information there as well. There is one othersource, of course: your /// SIG.  We have a number of books in the WAPlibrary as well as video and audio tutorial tapes available for take-out.  Ifyou are still having trouble, feel free to come to one of our SIG meetings,usually held quarterly, at the WAP office.Below is a listing of the SOS.DRIVERS on Side Two. If you decide to use oneof them, you will have to use System Utilities to rename the file (that is,take off the number designation at the end).SOS.DRIVER1:  .CONSOLE                    (This is the minimum required                                           to operate an Apple ///.)SOS.DRIVER2:  .CONSOLE              .PRINTER (SERIAL PORT:SERIAL PRINTER)SOS.DRIVER3:  .CONSOLE              .PRINTER (SERIAL CARD IN SLOT 1)              .PROFILE (HARD DISK: CONTROLLER CARD IN SLOT 4)SOS.DRIVER4:  .CONSOLE              .PRINTER (SERIAL PORT: SERIAL PRINTER)              .PROFILE (HARD DISK: CONTROLLER CARD IN SLOT 4)SOS.DRIVER5   .CONSOLE              .PRINTER (PARALLEL PRINTER: CARD IN SLOT 1)              .PROFILE (HARD DISK: CONTROLLER CARD IN SLOT 4)SOS.DRIVER6   .CONSOLE              .PRINTER (PARALLEL PRINTER: CARD IN SLOT 1)              .PROFILE (HARD DISK: CONTROLLER CARD IN SLOT 4)              .GRAFIX  (GRAPHICS DRIVER FOR GRAPHICS PROGRAMS)As for the drivers on this disk they include the following (NOTE that youwill have to use the SCP program in System Utilities to designate slots forsome of these (the driver needs to know where the card is to talk to it.):SIDE AATTACH.DRIVER       6       ALLOWS SCREEN DUMPS (ON ALL WAP DISKS)AUDIO.DRIVER        5       FOR MAKING SOUNDSCMC.DRIVER          9       CMC HARD DISK DRIVERCONSOLE.DRIVER     14       THE "PRIMARY" DRIVER NEEDED BY ALL APPLE ///SEPSON.DRIVER        6       EPSON PRINTER DRIVERFMTDX.DRIVER        6       FORMATTER DRIVER USED BY SYSTEM UTILS AND 3EZPSGRAFIX.DRIVER      14       GRAPHICS DRIVERGRAPPLER.DRIVER    13       GRAPPLER PARALLEL PRINTER CARD DRIVERIMAGEWRITER         6       IMAGEWRITER 1 PRINTER DRIVERLASERJET.DRIVER     9       LASERJET PRINTER DRIVERPARPRINT.DRIVER     6       PARALLEL PRINTER DRIVERPROFILE.UNIVERS    10       HARD DISK DRIVER FOR 5 OR 10MB PROFILE. SLOT 4QUME                6       QUME PRINTER DRIVERRS232.DRIVER        8       TELECOMMUNICATIONS DRIVER: SERIAL PORTSERCARD.DRIVER      9       RS232 SERIAL CARD DRIVERSERPRINT.DRIVER     5       SERIAL PRINTER CARD DRIVERSSC.DRIVER          9       APPLE 2 SUPER SERIAL CARD DRIVERSTYPE.BIG          16       SILENTYPE DRIVER (BIG VERSION): PORT ASTYPE.SMALL        13       SMALLER SILENTYPE DRIVER: PORT ATCLOCK.DRIVER       6       APPLE 2 THUNDERCLOCK CARD DRIVER:UPIC.DRIVER         6       UNIVERSIAL PARALLEL INTERFACE CARD DRIVERUPICEPSON.DRVER     6       UPIC DRIVER FOR EPSON PRINTERUSCI.1.4           10       MICRO SCI DISK DRIVE DRIVERUSCI.FMTDX          9       FORMATTER DRIVER FOR MICRO SCI DISK DRIVESIDE B DRIVERSIMAGE2.DRIVER       9       IMAGEWRITER 2 DRIVERMOUSE.PD.DRIVER     7       PUBLIC DOMAIN MOUSE DRIVER (NEED MOUSE)PKSO.DRIVER        13       PKASO PARALLEL PRINTER CARD DRIVERPKSOMINI.DRIVER     5       SMALL VESION OF ABOVE DRIVERPKSOREV3.DRIVER    20       LARGER/IMPROVED VERSION OF PKSO DRIVERTABLET.DRIVER       6       APPLE 3 GRAPHICS TABLET DRIVERDEVONG.DRIVER      11       DEVONG HARD DISK DRIVERSCS.DRIVER          7       SPACE COAST SYSTEMS HARD DISK DRIVERSCS186.DRIVER       7       DIFFERENT VERSION OF ABOVE DRIVER

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