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APPLE-3-WAP-utl-01a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-01b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Catalyst ReleaseDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-01BOOTABLE? Both SidesCatalyst Release is a Pascal-based program that will let you use your bootdisks that have been "Catalyzed" by the Catalyst hard disk menu program.When you place certain copy-protected programs onto a hard disk underCatalyst, it "fixes" the original boot disk so it can't be used again. This program returns use of that disk to you. Side One:  Catalyst Release for Catalyst 1.0 users. REVIEW  : A review of Catalyst Release. Side Two: Catalyst Release for Catalyst 2.1 users.


APPLE-3-WAP-utl-02a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-02b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Reformatter ///Disk ID:  APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-02Bootable?: Bootable (Pascal)REFORMATTER /// lets you load structured text files into a variety of database and spreadsheet programs.The program can  create  Quickfile files directly, and it can create DIF (DataInterchange  Format) files.  Either can be imported by 3EZ Piecesor AppleWorks (or most Apple // or /// data base/spreadsheet programs.)Side One:  Boot disk and Review of the program.Side Two:  Program Disk


APPLE-3-WAP-utl-03a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-03b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: A3 REBOOTDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-03BOOTABLE? SIDE ONE ONLYByDavid OttaliniWAP /// SIG CO-Chairman        A3 REBOOT will let you reboot any program from .D1 with just thepress of the RETURN key.  The program can do this because its a specially prepared version of SELECTOR ///, the hardisk utility program sold by On Three.        Selector has a "hook" in it, so that when a program ends it doesn'ttake you to the "INSERT DISK AND PRESS CONTROL-RESET" message.  Instead,it brings you back to a menu, from which you can then select the nextapplication you desire.        This version will only allow you to reboot a disk from .D1.  Butit will give you an idea of what SELECTOR can do.  If you'd like more information about Selector and On Three's entire line of programs, youcan call them at 1-805-822-8580. Their address is 1174 Hickory Ave. inTehachapi, California. Zip is 93561        You are currently reading this file from side one of disk APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-38.  It also includes some additional articles about Selector and a database ofall articles pertaining to Selector /// (as compiled by the author usinghis THREEWORKS information disks).        Side Two contains A3 REBOOT/Selector ///.  Remember to replace our SOS.DRIVER file with yours so your system is configured properly.As always, your comments and suggestions are most welcome.                                                        May 8, 1992** May 1995 NOTE:If you like Selector /// -  you'll really want to try BOS3 - the new upgradeto SOS that includes a built-in program selector among many other features. Best of all for Selector users is that BOS3 uses the same pathname structure- one that you already know and have used.  For more information, contactthe WAP office. BOS3 is available from WAP for just $50.00. (all funds gointo a special Software Development Fund for the ///).


APPLE-3-WAP-utl-04a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-04b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG Public Domain LibraryPDS NAME: Epson Screen PrinterDisk ID: APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-04BOOTABLE? Side One          The Epson Screen Printer will work with any Epson or Epson-compatable printer (like the Panasonic series) and is designed to letthe user print text or graphics screens in several different modes.        The program was written by Rick Sidwell and originally marketedby Alpine Computing, Inc., the precursor to Sun Remarketing.  It has notbeen offered for sale for many years and thus we are happy to place it intothe Public Domain for anyone interested.        On Side One you will find:MANUAL         : Epson Screen Printer ManualREAD.ME        : The file you are currently readingEPSON.PRINTERS : An AppleWorks/3EZ Pieces DB file containing a bibligraphy                 of articles about Epson printers and the Apple ///.                 (Taken From ThreeWorks for the Apple /// (c) 1995 David                 Ottalini - Shareware)On Side Two you will find the Epson Screen Printer Program.  It isself-booting under Business Basic and includes a Demo program for you totry out on your printer.  Note that we have replaced the orginal SOS.DRIVERfile with one that will allow you to print from the Apple ///'s RS232(Serial) printer.  If you have a parallel printer, there is an Epson driverin the SOS.DRIVER file you can make Active using the System Configuration Program of System Utilities (or simply replace the SOS.DRIVER file with one you know works with your Epson or Epson-compatable printer.


APPLE-3-WAP-utl-05a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-05b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PUBLIC DOMAIN LIBRARYPDS NAME: Jeppson Codefile UtilityDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-05BOOTABLE? BOTH SIDESBy David Ottalini   WAP /// SIG Co-ChairmanThis is a Business Basic program that will allow you to change the filetypesof your Apple /// files.  All the necessary invokables and documentation are available on disk for you.  Dr. Jeppson was an early supporter of the /// andwrote many of the most interesting programs we have.  He was a mainstay inthe old Softalk Magazine. I'll bet he's a pretty good dentist too...Side One includes a tutorial in Basic you can run using Menu.Maker.  It willallow you to print out some of the material.  Side two includes the actualprogram (in Basic) and necessary Invokables.  The programs have been adaptedto run with Menu.Maker.The filetypes available using this program include:File Type/#             Description------------            ------------------------------------$00       0             Typless File$01       1             Bad Block File$03       2             Pascal Code File$03       3             Pascal Text File$04       4             ASCII Text File$05       5             Pascal Data File$06       6             General Binary File$07       7             Font File$08       8             Graphics Screen File$09       9             Business Basic Program File$0A       10            Business Basic Data File$0B       11            Word Processor File$0C       12            SOS System File$0D-$0E   13-14         SOS Reserved$0F       15            Directory File     These are the ones this particular program will not only read - butallow you to change.     But there are additional types - which now include those taken by Appleand various other Apple II developers:$15          Screen Library File$10          RPS Data File$11          RPS Index File$12          AppleFile Discard File$13          AppleFile Model File$14          AppleFile Report Format File$16-$18      SOS Reserved$19          AW/3EZP Data Base File$1A          AW/3EZP Word Processor File$1B          AW/3EZP Spreadsheet File$1C-$1F      Reserved$20          Global File (Desktop Manager)$25          Desktop Manager$26          Desktop Manager Option$27          Note Pad File (Desktop Manager)$28          Subload File (Desktop Manager)$29-$EE      Reserved$AB          GS Basic File$AD          GS Basic Data File$EF          Pascal Area$F0          ProDos Added Comment File$F1-$F8      ProDos User Defined Files 1-4$F9          ProDos Reserved$FA          Integer Basic Program File$FB          Integer Basic Variables File$FC          Applesoft Program File$FD          Applesoft Variable File$FE          Relocatable Code File (EDASM)$FF          ProDos System File        On Three's Communications Manager includes a utility that will allowyou to change any filetype into any other.        Note, however,  that you need to be VERY careful when changing filetypes, since you can really make mash out of a file in moving it from onetype to another (For example - you can't change a Basic file to ASCII andexpect Applewriter to read it.) Make a copy and do the conversion on it justto be safe.  And as noted above, since the demise of the ///, Apple IIdevelopers have, on occasion, taken a /// filetype as their own, which couldcause some problems if you're working with Apple II files.


APPLE-3-WAP-utl-06a.dsk [Catalog]APPLE-3-WAP-utl-06b.dsk [Catalog]WAP /// SIG PD LIBRARYPDS NAME: SOSTRAN - File Conversion UtilityDISK ID : APPLE-3-WAP-UTL-06BOOTABLE? BOTH SIDESSOSTRAN is an Apple ///  utility that can transfer Pascal text files or SOSASCII files to DOS text files. Or  it can move fonts from Apple // Pascal,Pilot or DOS tool kit to a SOS font file.   It  will  also  convert Applesoftand Integer Basic files to Pascal or Business Basic text files. As Frank Moore writes in the enclosed review:"SOSTRAN is most powerful for cataloging ][ disks, and in the transfer oftext, data and font files."ON SIDE ONE:SOSTRAN.MANUAL   :   An edited but mostly complete transcription of the                      SOSTRAN Manual.SOSTRAN.REVIEW   :   A short review of the program by Frank Moore of "The                     Three Magazine."* Note that you can view and print either file with the included Menu.Maker  program or by using our "Print.All" program, which will print as many  text files from as many disks as you designate.ON SIDE TWO:The SOSTRAN boot and program (which is Pascal) files.  It can be placed on your hard disk and run from BOS3, Selector or Catalyst.

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